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Intern Stories: Marina Villeneuve ’13 on Newsday Internships


Position: Reporting Intern at Newsday Location: Melville, NY Two sentence description of what you did: I reported and wrote breaking news, daily and enterprise articles about courts, crime and town politics for the Long Island desk. Major at Dartmouth: Government 1. What was most satisfying about your internship? I love journalism because I get the chance to …

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Intern Stories: Jonathan Gault ’13 on New England Sports Network


Position: New England Sports Network, Intern, New Media Department Location: Watertown, MA Short description of what you do: I wrote, edited and posted content to NESN.com. Often this would involve editing beat writers’ articles, editing photos and videos and jumping on trends by producing either articles or photo galleries on hot topics in the world of sports. …

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Develop your Own Stress Reduction Program


Very few things in life cause as much stress as the job search process—from constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities to studying for anxiety-ridden interviews to waiting for employers’ responses. It is necessary to first take control of the internal dynamics that result from this process by managing your stress levels through positive …

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16 Ways to Help Out Post SuperStorm Sandy

If you’ll be in an area hit by SuperStorm Sandy over break — or simply want to help out, here are 16 leads on volunteer opportunities that you may want to follow up on and take a look at. Many of these organizations may be willing to have you volunteer for as short a time …

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10 Savvy Career Strategies for Interim

Suddenly, the end of the semester is rapidly approaching. As you begin to prepare for exams and Dartmouth’s first-ever six week vacation between fall and winter terms, here are 10 ways to keep moving forward with your career over break: Participate in Career Services Job Shadowing program. Over 300 alumni and parents are offering to …

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Big Stats Worth Knowing for Your Interview (& Life)

Hat tip to our colleague Monica Wilson for sharing this cool video with us featuring stats with huge implications for how we live, work and communicate: (Sorry that we weren’t able to scrub out the advertisement.)    

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Food for Thought on the Debate on Work and Passion


Can your work lead you to discover a passion if you don’t already have one or can’t find a job that aligns with your interests? Our colleague Sarah Streit recommends this piece from the New York Times, written by Cal Newport: Today, I’m a computer science professor at Georgetown University, and I love my job. …

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We’re Seeking a New Intern? Interested?

Seeking a part-time job/paid internship for the academic year? Want a by-line on this blog? Career Services has an immediate need for a current Dartmouth undergraduate to serve as a writer for our blog and social media channels  — and collaborate with Career Services staff, students, and faculty across campus to gather arts-related resources and …

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How to Get Regular Updates on Opps in Areas of Interest to You


Every two weeks during the academic term, career advisors in our office put together a round-up of career opportunities in a host of different fields: Communication Environmental Government/Public Policy Education International Not-For-Profit/Careers for the Common Good Science To be among the first to get these leads, sign up for our exclusive Blitz Bulletins through DartBoard. …

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First Impressions Count! – Common Interview Blunders

Although many of us try to convince ourselves otherwise, when applying for anything nowadays, interviews are a fact of life. And from the moment you greet your interviewer with a handshake, the judgment begins. Play it safe and don’t let yourself make these mistakes come interview day : “Ice, Ice, Baby”- Although it’s never a …

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