Welcome to the Cabin and Trail division of the Dartmouth Outing Club!

Cabin and Trail has perhaps the most general interests of all of the organizations in the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC). We hike and backpack all over New Hampshire and Vermont, offering trips throughout the week for all ability levels! Day hikes or overnights, we've got the trip to fit your liking and the Cabot cheese to go along with it. You can go to a cabin and just spend the night, traverse a couple of 4000 footers, or be fun and silly at a corn maze with some great friends in the outdoors. Check out what we've got going on this week in the Activities section, or check out where we've gone in the past in the Pictures section!
But Cabin and Trail is more than just hiking and and outdoorsy trips. We are responsible for maintaing 75 miles of the Appalachian Trail (including both the distance from Hanover to Mt. Moosilauke and about 20 miles in Vermont), so we teach seminars year-round on trail reconstruction, sign making, orienteering, and much more. We also maintain the shelters on the trail, as well as the DOC cabin chain, which consists of eleven cabins between Hanover and the Second College Grant. Come out with us for a work trip and harness your skills!
Or, if that's not enough for you, check out our Woodsmen's (Forestry) Club team, which competes fall, winter, and spring with other lumberjacks and jills from around the Northeast. (We even host a forestry meet in the middle of the green every three years!) Learn to saw, chop, climb poles, sharpen tools, throw axes, and have a fantastic time doing it. Check out the Forestry section for more information.
But even if you don't like the outdoors that much, we've still got fun waiting for you. We hold feeds every couple of weeks each term, where you can help cook up a storm and eat a fantastic home-cooked meal for just a couple of bucks. Or, eat your way across New Hampshire and Vermont by waking up early once a week to head to local diners on DinerToure. And we've always got other social events going on during the term as well. Come and enjoy our fun, non-outdoorsy side.
So come check out a meeting and explore the great outdoors!

Monday Nights
10 PM
Basement of Robinson Hall

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We look forward to seeing you outside!