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Financial Planning and Budget Office

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Important Dates & Announcements

General Dates and Information

  • Hyperion forms will be available with updated numbers and ready for entry on Friday, April 4
  • On April 4, Hyperion forms will display year-to-date totals, Q2 projections, and a column for Q3 projection input. Q3 projection fields will be pre-populated with your Q2 projections. The default numbers in the Q3 column will not revert back to the budget or to Q1 projections.
  • It is important that comments are entered into Hyperion for any material changes.  This is a key advantage to using the Hyperion system.  Your comments in Hyperion are important to understanding rolled up projections.  Here are some rules of thumb:
    • If comments from Q2 are still relevant, they do not need to be duplicated or updated.
    • If comments entered in Q2 no longer apply, please enter a new comment explaining the change from Q2 and why there is a new variance to budget, if applicable.
    • If you are entering a new budget variance for Q3, please explain the variance to budget and comment on what changed since Q2.
    • If you entered a projection number in Q2, and did not insert a comment at the time, please enter a comment in the comments section explaining the original variance.

Q3 Projection Timeline

  • Schedule Q3 Projection meetings (to take place beginning April 28): week of March 24th
  • Hyperion will be ready for entry and updated with new YTD actual figures through March 31: Friday, April 4
  • Divisions to prepare projections and enter variances and comments into Hyperion: Friday, April 4 - Tuesday, April 22
  • All data entry and explanations complete in Hyperion: Wednesday, April 23
  • Central Budget Office compilation and analysis: Thursday April 24 - Monday, April 28
  • Q3 Projection meetings: Tuesday April 29 - Friday, May 2
  • Follow-up and questions to follow



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Last Updated: 3/26/14