Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Laboratory
Dartmouth College
Dept. of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Principal Investigator: David J. Bucci, PhD


























Our laboratory is interested in the behavioral and neurobiological factors that regulate learning and memory.  We combine classical conditioning procedures with biochemical, pharmacological, electrophysiological, and neuroanatomical techniques to study topics such as interactions between cortical-hippocampal systems, cellular mechanisms underlying attention and learning, effects of exercise on learning and memory, and the basis for individual differences in these functions.   One goal of this research is to further our understanding of the basic mechanisms of information processing in the brain.  A second goal is to relate these findings to the biological basis of cognitive dysfunction and mental illness in humans.  For specific projects we are currently working on, click on the topics above.    

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Recent media coverage of our latest findings

Michael Hopkins, PhD at graduation 2012
(4th from right)



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