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Nations march toward greatness

with the same steps

at which education moves forward

Símon Bolívar







Syllabus 2003

Information on the labs

Top-down/Bottom-up Lab

Granite Lake Lab

River Gradient Lab

Bioassessment Lab

Nutrient spiraling



Information on Writing & Graphing

Advice for writing papers

Adding error bars to graphs

How to make inverted graphs

Examples of good and bad graphs

Class Data for Papers

Top-down & Bottom-up Lab

Granite Lake – DO, Temperature, Conductivity, and PAR Profiles

Stream Gradient Study

Water Chemistry


Algal Cell Count Data




NSF REU Program Coordinator


Schedule 2004

REU Student Expectations

Journal Club Readings

Program Spotlight (Gothic News)

Current RMBL Program




Aquatic Ecology


Syllabus 2005

Other material is available via Dartmouth’s BlackBoard





Ecology & Conservation of Freshwater Invertebrates


Syllabus 2007

Link to RMBL classes