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A: For the 2013-2014 academic year, auditions will be the first weekend after classes begin. Auditions for the Brovertones will be held concurrently with all other men's auditions on September 22, 2013
A: Auditions take place in three rounds. In the first round, each auditionee will complete some preliminary exercises for every group. Before the second round, a list of callbacks will be posted. Auditionees will go another rotation through every group, skipping only those which did not give them a callback. Before the third round, another list of callbacks will be posted. Auditionees who are called back to multiple groups in the third round must choose only one group, and return to that group.
A: This year the rounds are a bit more concise as far as the things groups can do are concerned.The following will give you a general sense of how the Brovertones use the rounds. The first round consists of scales to measure vocal range, and pitch matching exercises. In the second round, all auditionees invited back to the Bros will sing a verse and chorus from a song of their choice. The final round consists primarily of learning a part from a Brovertones arrangement.
A: No. Auditionees may still not get into the group they return to in the third round. Before the final callback begins, auditionees will be asked to complete a preference card. This will provide an opportunity for auditionees to rank other groups that gave them a callback to the third round. Should they not get into their first choice group, auditionees may be invited by the next choice groups on their pref. card to come to another callback.
A: Some groups will hold auditions again in the winter term. In recent years, the Brovertones have not held winter auditions, so the fall of the following year would be the next opportunity.