Bones Gate Renovations

Aug. '05
Sept. '05

Please Note:

The following are links to architectural drawings of proposed renovations to the physical plant of Bones Gate fraternity. Due to copyright issues, these plans are intended for current members and alumni of Bones Gate Fraternity. Please keep in mind that the drawings are preliminary and are intended only to convey a general overview of the proposed renovations.

PDF Version of Preliminary Plans

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor*
Facade, North
Facade, South
Facade, West

* The wall for the double in the Chapter Room will not be constructed immediately

Summer president Chris Fiore '07 comments on the renovations.

Also note that these plans are subject to modification but they
present a general guideline to the changes. These changes importantly
include: a new enclosed fire escape from the basement to the third
floor, a new bathroom on the ground floor, a new secured alumni card
room on the ground floor, an expanded Bin with a new bedroom, a new
bedroom on the third floor, a slimmed down and moved kitchen on the
third floor, an expanded Chapter Room on the third floor that could be
turned into a double bedroom. All three existing bathrooms will also be
rehabilitated during the renovation.

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