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The mechanism by which the cytochrome bc1 complex transfers electrons from ubiquinol to cytochrome c and links this electron transfer to proton translocation is the protonmotive Q cycle, shown above.


Our research is devoted to understanding the cytochrome bc1 complex, an essential respiratory enzyme. This site is intended to introduce you to the research projects in the Trumpower lab and the people who are working on those research projects. I hope you enjoy your "virtual visit," and that you will come visit us in person.

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The bc1 complex is a structural dimer, as illustrated by the yeast enzyme below (Protein Data Bank code 1EZV). The redox subunits, cytochrome b (green), the Rieske iron-sulfur protein (blue), and cytochrome c1 (red) are colored in one monomer and shown as ribbons. Redox centers (c1, bL and bH hemes, and the FeS cluster), stigmatellin (Stg) and ubiquinone (Ubi) are shown as ball-and-stick models. Note the trans-membrane helix of the Rieske protein that is imbedded in one monomer and connects through a flexible linker region to the iron-sulfur cluster containing domain that interacts with the other monomer, and the overlapping N-termini of the cytochrome b subunits.



bc1 dimer


Atovaquone (ATV) bound to the ubiquinol oxidation pocket of the yeast cytochrome bc1 complex. Atovaquone is a competetive inhibitor of ubiquinol oxidation that is used to treat Pneumocystis (pneumonia) and Plasmodium (malaria). The drug binds to H181 in the Rieske protein and by a water mediated hydrogen bond to E272 of cytochrome b. The residue L275 is responsible for the differential efficacy of the therapeutic in the fungal versus mammalian enzymes. (From the J. Biol. Chem. cover, vol. 278, No 33, based on work by Kessl and colleagues published in that same issue.)

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