My Places

Image illustrating the My Places window.New to Blackboard 9.1 is a feature called My Places. Similar to My Homepage, My Places provides quick links to:

Each User can now also choose to display a personal avatar or image representing the User. This avatar appears in a variety of locations within Blackboard as a way to make the experience more “social”. 

The instructions here-in will outline the process for Personalizing My Places.

Personalizing My Places

Quick Start Instructions

To Personalize My Places:

  1. Click My Places located at the top of the Blackboard page.Image illustrating the link to My Places.
  2. Click on the Personal Information link under My Preferences.
  3. On the Personal Information page, select Personalize My Places.
  4. In Option 1 Avatar Image, select a Display Option.
    • Do not display avatar image (default)
    • Use custom avatar image (recommended)
      Click Browse My Computer to find and attach an image file for your avatar.
      Note: The image dimensions should be square and must be no larger than 150 pixels  X 150 pixels. Larger images should be cropped or otherwise edited.
  5. In Option 2 My Places Links,
    Image illustrating Option 2 My Places Links in personalizing My Places.
    1. Select the check boxes next to the items to display.
      Note: Both My Courses and My Organizations are checked ON by default.
    2. Enter the number of days the Course and Organizations should appear in My Places.
      Note: It is recommended these fields be left empty.
  6. Click [Submit] to finalize the My Places edits.


    • Click Here to access a PDF version of the quick start instructions.