My Homepage Tab

The goal of the My Homepage is to provide Students with a portal for entering into and navigating through Blackboard.

Image illustrating the My Homepage of Dartmouth's Blackboard instance.

The following is an overview of what the default My Homepage contains and how to interact with this page.

  1. Add Module
    The Add Module button provides Students with the ability to add Modules to the My Homepage.  The default permanent modules are:
    • My Dartmouth Courses
      My Dartmouth Courses presents students with the listing of all courses for which the Student is enrolled and the Instructor is using Blackboard.
    • My Organizations
      My Organizations presents students with the listing of all organizations using Blackboard for which the student is leading or participating.
    • My Announcements
      My Announcements presents students with Announcements from each course directly on the My Homepage. Clicking the link to the announcement will take the Student directly to that announcement within the course it was posted.

    To add modules to My Home Page:

    1. Click [Add Module].
    2. From the resulting list, click on [Add] for each module you wish to add to the page.
    3. Click [OK] to finalize the module additions.
  2. Tools
    Tools provides Students with access to the following tools within Blackboard:
    • Course directory for all Dartmouth courses with a Blackboard presence
    • Organization directory for all Dartmouth Organizations with a Blackboard presence
    • Announcements  for all courses and for institutional announcements made through Blackboard.
    • My Grades  for all courses in which the Student is enrolled.
    • Send Email provides quick access to email for each course.
    • Personal Information provides the user with the ability to control basic information within Blackboard.
      : How one’s name appears within Blackboard is primarily controlled by how one’s name appears in Student Banner.
  3. Editing Module Settings
    Many of the modules on the My Homepage have settings that can be controlled by each Student. When a Module has editable settings, clicking on the cog ion to the top right of the module header will produce a settings screen. Just modify your settings and click [OK].
    Image illustrating the cog icon for changing the settings on a module.
  4. Moving/Rearranging Modules
    The modules on the My Homepage can be rearranged on the page by simply dragging and dropping the module to another location on the page.
  5. Image illustrating the drag and drop feature for rearranging modules on the My Homepage.
    • Place your cursor over the module header.
    • Click the mouse.
    • While holding the mouse button down, drag the module to another location.
      Note:A dotted outline will appear on the page indicating where the module will be placed.
    • Release the mouse when the module has been placed in the new location.
  6. Personalize Page
    Want to change the color palette of the My Homepage? Click the Personalize Page button on the top right to select a new  theme from the Color Palette Library.