Interacting with My Grades

Typically accessed from the Course Menu from either a Grades link or a Tools link, My Grades provides Students with an up to date look at the status of submitted Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, and Grades throughout a course.

The following is an overview of what a Student might see within My Grades and how to interact with the information presented on the screen. It is important to note that the information each Student sees in My Grades will vary by course depending upon how the Instructor is utilizing Blackboard.

Image illustrating the My Grades screen

There are four columns in My Grades that provide important Grade information.

  1. Details – Hidden under the Details button is an information box that provides information about the Category to which the graded item belongs as well as a description of that item.
  2. Due Dates –If set by the Instructor within Blackboard, Due Dates will appear within My Grades for each Graded Item. If no Due Dates appear in My Grades, Students should refer to the Course Syllabus or Schedule for due dates.
  3. Grade and Points Possible -  For each Grade Item in My Grades, Students will see a column for Grade and a column for Points Possible. Image illustrating the Grade column vs. the Points Possible column in My Grades.
    1. A hash (-) in the Grade column means no grade has been given.
    2. An underlined number in the Grade Column means the item has been graded and can be reviewed by clicking on the hyperlink.
      Note: This feature exists for Assignments and Tests/Quizzes submitted via Blackboard.
    3. An Exclamation Point icon means that the item needs grading. Clicking on the Exclamation Point will allow you to check your submission.
      Note: Click on the Icon Legend button in My Grades to see the meaning of other icons not  outlined in this overview.
    4. A plain number in the Grade Column means that the item was graded but cannot be reviewed because it was not submitted via Blackboard.
      Note: Submitting an assignment via email does not constitute an item being submitted via Blackboard.
    5. Grade vs. Possible Points – In this example, the last line in My Grades represents the Student’s total grade.
      • Of the items graded, the student’s Grade is 34 points.
      • Of the items graded, the total Points Possible is 48 points.
        Note: This example is set to calculate Running Total, which only shows the total possible points of all graded items. If the example were set to display Total Points, this number would equal 163.
  4. Comments – An Instructor may choose to provide Student feedback in a number of ways within Blackboard. If an Instructor chooses to provide feedback using Comments within the Grade Center, those Comments will appear in My Grades.

Specific questions about how your grades appear in My Grades should be directed to the Course Instructor.