Course Homepage

The Course Home Page is the new course entry point in Blackboard 9.1. Introduced to increase communication and student awareness of course activity, the Home Page includes modules such as My Announcements, To Do, and What’s New. 

Students may have the option to Add Modules and further personalize the page if the Instructor activates the Course Home Page and the Personalization option. The instructions here-in outline the process by which students can edit and modify the Course Home Page.

Add Modules to the Home Page

Quick Start Instructions

To add Modules to the Home Page:

  1. Click Edit Mode to On.Image illustrating the Edit Mode On button
  2. Click [Add Personal Module].
  3. On the Add Module page, click the check box next to the module(s) that should be added to the Course Home Page. Commonly used Modules include:
    • Calculator
    • Dictionary
    • Textpad
      Note: This module allows Instructors to add HTML content to the Home Page.
    • Thesaurus
  4. Click OK to return to the Home Page.
  5. Image illustrating the Manage Settings iconTo edit the settings for a module on the Home Page, click the Manage Settings icon and follow the prompts.
    Note: The settings will vary by module.

To rearrange Modules on the Home Page:

  1. Click Edit Mode to On.
  2. Click and drag the module to the location on the page where it should reside.
  3. Drop or unclick the mouse button to place the module in its new location on the page.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 - 3 until desired module order is attained.
    Note: If Students are given the option to Personalize the pages, they will be able to reorder the modules to customize how they view the Home Page.


    • Click Here for a PDF version of the Quick Start Instructions.