Managing the Course Menu

Quick Start Guide

menu overview

The Course Menu, previously only editable from the Control Panel, now provides faculty with the ability to:

  1. Add new menu items on the fly.
  2. Personalize the menu view.
  3. Rearrange the menu items using drag and drop
  4. Edit the menu item name and availability using the Action Link menu (chevron sign)

Note: In version 9.1, Blackboard automatically hides empty Content Areas. Content Areas that are hidden are excluded from the Student view; however, hidden content areas are displayed in the Instructor view with a “hidden” icon. Once content is added to a Course Menu item Blackboard automatically makes that Menu item visible to students.

Managing the Course Menu

Accessing the Course Edit Mode

The Edit Mode toggle switch located in the upper-right corner of every page shows or hides contextual editing menus throughout the course. (In Blackboard 8, Edit View was only available in the Content Areas.)

toggle switch offBy default Edit Mode is set to OFF. When the Edit Mode is OFF, the course is presented in the Student View. Viewing content in this mode allows you to assess what students will see when viewing a course.

toggle switch onWhen the Edit Mode is ON, contextual menus and other editing tools will be available to manage the course content.

Click on the Edit Mode toggle switch to turn the edit view off and on.

Navigating & Reordering Menu Items

menu item move

Blackboard now uses a drag-and-drop method that allows for a quick rearranging of menu items. When Edit Mode is on, these appear as double-headed arrows. To rearrange menu items:

Expandable contextual menus denoted by a chevron sign indicate items that have sub menus. Clicking these items expand the menu item to reveal an options menu. Click on the menu again to collapse the menu.

The options for the majority of the other Course Menu items are:

delete or hide menu items

Adding Resources to the Course Menu

Files and tools can be added within content areas or directly to the course menu. If you wish add a resource to the Course Menu:

  1. Turn Edit Mode on by clicking on the Edit Mode icon on the upper right-hand-side of the screen.
  2. add item sub-menuNext click on the black [+] button in the upper left-hand-corner of the course menu. A selection Menu will be displayed.
  3. Click on the item to be added. A data form popup window will be displayed.
    • Create Content Area - Creates a course area where you can upload files, media, post links and create sub folders and modules.
    • Create Blank Page - creates a blank web page that can be edited to display text, media and links.
    • Create Tool Link - creates a direct link to a course tool like Announcements and e-mail.
    • Create Course Link - creates a direct link to another area of the course.
    • Create External Link - used to provide a direct link to web resource outside of Blackboard.
    • Create Module Page - Similar to the Home Page -can add different boxes or modules to the page.
    • Create Sub Header - New tool that creates non-clickable headers that can be used to divide the menu into sections.
    • Create Divider - New tool that creates bars that allow menu content to be chunked into related segments.

user linkNote: The "Available to Users" check box must be clicked on the Create Content Area, Create Tool Link, Create Course Link, Create External Link and Create Module Page data forms in order for students to see the resources.