Announcement Tool

The Announcements Tool in Blackboard is a great way to communicate with Students. While this feature has not changed very much between Blackboard 8 and Blackboard 9.1, the option to email the Announcement to the Students has changed slightly.   The instructions here-in will outline the process of Creating Course Announcements.

Creating Course Announcements

Quick Start Instructions

To create an Announcement:

  1. Click Announcements located in the Course Menu to the left hand side of the page.
  2. On the Announcements page, select Create Announcement.
  3. In Option 1 Announcement Information,
    Image illustrating Option 1 Announcement Information in setting up an Announcement.
    1. Type a Subject for the Announcement. (required)
    2. Type a Message for the Announcement. (recommended)
      Note: Announcements can be more engaging by adding an audio and/or video file using the media toolbar. To easily add YouTube, Flicker, and SlideShare objects to an Announcement, use the Mashups Tool link.
  4. In Option 2 Web Announcement Options,
    Image illustrating Option 2 Web Announcement Options in creating an Announcement.
    1. Select the radio button next to the display Duration.
      • Not Date Restricted – will post the announcement immediately and it will remain in Announcements.
      • Date Restricted – will allow the Instructor to select Display After and/or Display Until dates and times for the Announcement.
        Note: Times can now be added in any increment including 11:59pm which was not possible previously.
    2. Select the check box next to Override User Notification Settings to send the Announcement to the Students via email.
      Note: Blackboard 9.1 allows Students to decide what information they wish to receive from the system and how they wish to receive it. Using the Override User Notifications Setting allows the Instructor to send the Announcement via email regardless of a Student’s settings.
  5. In Option 3 Course Link, click Browse to identify a location within the Course to link to within the Announcement. (optional)
    Image illustrating Option 3 Course Link when creating an Announcement.
    Note: It is a good idea to use the Course Link to take the Students directly to the resource/materials/Assignment/etc being referenced in the Announcement. This reduces the need for Students to search the course for the materials they are being asked to access.
  6. Click [Submit] to finalize the Announcement.


    • Click Here to access a PDF version of the quick start instructions.