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Google Scholar is one of the latest products from Google. The Dartmouth College Library has linked Google Scholar's search results to full-text content licensed by Dartmouth.Google Scholar combines the simple search box and results ranking you know from using Google with content that is more scholarly, including brief bibliographic information for peer-reviewed articles, books, and technical reports. A precise description of the content indexed is not available from Google, but it covers material in all subject areas. Coverage of the scholarly journal literature in Google Scholar is less consistent, less thorough, and in many cases less current than in the library's many article indexes.

The Dartmouth College Library has arranged with Google to provide links from records in Google Scholar to full-text journal articles for which the Library has subscriptions. These links are enabled by Serials Solutions, the company that provides our Open URL link service, Article Linker. The link, called "Resources@Dartmouth", appears immediately after the article title in the Google Scholar citation. The familiar Article Linker page then shows holdings and links either to the article level or journal title level, the Catalog, and DartDoc. In many cases, selecting the hyperlinked journal article title from Google Scholar will take you directly to the full-text as well. These links only appear when you are accessing Google Scholar on a computer connected to the College or DHMC networks.

For assistance with using Google Scholar, please consult with a Biomedical Librarian:

Access restrictions: No restrictions; may contain links to restricted resources.

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