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Chemical Abstracts Plus

SciFinder is an interface to an integrated set of databases produced by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS): the Chemical Abstracts Plus database (CAPlus), the CAS Registry File, and the Chemical Abstracts Reaction database (CASREACT), as well as the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE.

Chemical Abstracts Plus has over 33 million references to journal articles, patents, conference proceedings, dissertations and reports from 1907 to present. It covers organic and inorganic chemistry, physical, theoretical, and analytical chemistry; macromolecular chemistry; biochemistry, biotechnology, toxicology; medicinal chemistry, applied chemistry and chemical engineering.

Registration is required. Instructions are provided on a page requiring a Dartmouth netid for authentication. DHMC users may request assistance in getting registration instructions from Biomedical.Libraries.Reference@dartmouth.edu.
Access restrictions: Licensed for use by Dartmouth College/ Geisel /DHMC Lebanon.

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