Andrea Worsham

I am a first year graduate student in the Psychological and Brain Sciences program, working under Bill Kelley.  I am broadly interested in neural predictors of self-regulatory behavior, and how self-regulation and reward interact to determine individual differences in success at various self-regulatory behaviors (e.g. in drinking and eating).  More specifically, I am interested in why some people are better at self-regulating than others, and will look into using resting state functional connectivity data to explore long-term success at various self-regulatory behaviors.  I will additionally explore situational factors that may affect success at self-regulation in the short-term (e.g., resource depletion), and how these may be moderated by individual differences in neural connectivity and response to reward stimuli.


I attended Wake Forest University for my undergraduate and Master’s degree in Experimental psychology.  There I worked with Janine Jennings, completing my thesis work on self-regulatory depletion in young and older adults. Prior to that I had explored the success of a cognitive training paradigm in reducing cognitive variability in older adults.

In my free time I like reading fiction and being outside in the sunshine!  I enjoy yoga, baking, hiking, and water sports.


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