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Grad Recruiting ReCap

February 26th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Not to be confused with the Grad Recruiting Happy Cap (see previous post), PBS successfully hosted some of the nation’s best and brightest prospective grad students over Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Although the weekend was largely viewed a success, there were a few moments that made us less than proud.  Of particular note, Graduate Chair Paul Whalen’s overview of the Graduate Program’s curriculum, requirements, and expectations devolved into a thirty-plus minute infomercial on the virtue of studying the amygdala.

Instead of describing the particulars of our grad program to prospective students, Grad Chair Paul Whalen goes off on a 30-min tangent on the functional role of the amygdala.

Later in the evening, Howard Hughes, never one to shy away from a captivated audience, suddenly develops an acute case of glossophobia.  Much to the dismay of the crowd, his story of Moses the Cebus monkey and his cross-country adventure went untold for the first time in nearly forty years.

The crowd gathers around Howard Hughes for his annual Moses story.

The crowd gathers around Howard Hughes for his annual Moses story.

Forgetting key elements that would confirm the veracity of his dubious Moses story, Howard Hughes panics and pleads the fifth.

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