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Please note that each block of 2-4 talks has a single video recording, so you may need to scroll forward in the video to reach the start of the relevant talk.

SESSION 1: Is star formation in galaxies influenced by the presence of an AGN? Do high-z galaxies experience a merger-driven evolutionary sequence that fuels a quasar?

Bower Why black hole feedback? and session preview | video | PDF
Bennert Exploring the origin of the BH mass scaling relations | video | PDF

Rosario The mean star-formation rate of active galaxies: results from PEP | video | PDF
Mullaney Evidence for a universal SMBH accretion to star-formation rate ratio since z~2 producing the M_BH - M_Bulge relation | video | PDF
Hickox AGN variability and the links between star formation and BH growth | video | PDF

Ballantyne Connecting star formation, galaxy evolution and the growth of BHs | video | PDF
Aird Understanding the rapid decline of BH growth and SF since z~1 | video | PDF
Bongiorno Host galaxies of AGN in the COSMOS field: black hole growth, star formation and scaling relations | video | PDF

Kocevski AGN activity at the quenching threshold | video
Goulding The evolution of AGN and their host galaxies to z~1 in wide-field multi-wavelength surveys | video
Civano A galaxy without its own supermassive black hole: implications for feedback | video | PDF

Glikman Dust reddened quasars: a transitional phase in quasar/galaxy co-evolution | video | PDF
Dicken The star formation histories of powerful radio galaxies | video | PDF
Alexander Shutdown of star formation in distant AGN-hosting galaxies

Discussion 1 Leaders: Alexander, Civano, Hickox | video

SESSION 2: How prevalent are galaxy-wide outflows launched by AGN? When are they driven by radiative winds as opposed to relativistic jets?

King Overview of energetic outflows and session preview | video | PDF
Ebrero AGN winds as probes of cosmic feedback: the case of Mrk 509 | video | PDF
Faucher-Giguere Physics of galaxy-scale AGN outflows | video | PDF

The following two talks were cancelled due to last-minute cirmcustances, but the speakers have kindly shared their slides.

Tombesi X-ray evidence for accretion disk outflows in local AGNs and their role on feedback | PDF
Muller-Sanchez Measuring AGN Feedback from Seyfert galaxy outflows with AO integral field spectroscopy | PDF

Di Matteo AGN feedback in cosmological simulations | video
Lehnert Galaxy-wide outflows | video
Morganti Radio jets and outflows of cold gas | video | PDF

Liu Gemini IFU observations of feedback from radio-quiet quasars at z~0.5 | video | PDF
Harrison AGN-driven outflows in high-redshift ULIRGs | video | PDF
Sell A sample of extreme merger-driven starburst galaxies as viewed by the Chandra and Hubble Space Telescopes | video | PDF
Hainline AGN outflows and the impact of AGNs on star formation at z~2-3 | video | PDF

Discussion 2 Leaders: Gallagher, King, Morganti | video

SESSION 3: What is the balance of heating vs. cooling in hot halo atmospheres? How do relativistic jets couple to gas?

Please note that the video for the following block was included in a single recording with the previous discussion session; please scroll forward in the video to reach the start of the talks.

McNamara Overview of heating of hot atmospheres and session preview | video | PDF
Blanton AGN in clusters of galaxies: feedback, sloshing, and lobe bending | video | PDF
C. Jones AGN activity in ellipticals and groups | video | PDF

Markoff X-ray binaries and insights into AGN accretion physics | video
Plotkin From X-ray binaries to AGN: the disk/jet connection | video | PDF
Neilsen Winds and jets in X-ray binaries | video | PDF

Yuan Outflow from hot accretion flow: nature, origin and main properties | video | PDF
Nulsen Heating hot atmospheres by radio jets: weak shocks & sound dissipation | video | PDF
Fujita Heating of cluster cooling cores by cosmic-ray streaming | video | PDF

Chang The plasma physics and cosmology of TeV blazars | video | PDF
Ma Contribution of radio-mode AGN heating in clusters | video | PDF
Stott The XMM Cluster Survey: the interplay between the brightest cluster galaxy and the intra-cluster medium via AGN feedback | video | PDF

Miller The role of environment in low-level AGN activity | video | PDF
Danielson The cosmic history of hot gas cooling and radio AGN heating in massive early-type galaxies | video | PDF
Su The discovery of giant gamma-ray bubbles in the Milky Way | video

Discussion 3 Leaders: C. Jones, Markoff, Wise | video


Akiyama Census of active black holes at z=1-2 | PDF
Baldi Preliminary results on a study of a sample of low-luminosity radio galaxies at z~1-3 | PDF
Banerji Heavily reddened quasars at z~2: a transitional phase in AGN evolution?
Burtscher Resolving AGN outflows | PDF
Chen A correlation between star formation rate and average accretion rate in star-forming galaxies | PDF
K. Jones Star formation in the circumnuclear region of 5 local LIRGs | PDF
Kashi A cold channel for black hole accretion in cosmological simulations | PDF
Newton The interplay between supernova and AGN feedback in simulated disc galaxies | PDF
Raimundo Probing the inner regions of MCG-06-30-15: the link between AGN activity and star formation | PDF
Rovilos AGN-host correlation detected using the deepest X-ray and far-IR surveys
Sadowski GRMHD simulations of ADAFs: outflows and convection | PDF
Tremblay Unique multiphase signatures of AGN feedback in Abell 2597 | PDF

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