\ Black Hole Feedback 2012, Dartmouth-Durham International Workshop, Dartmouth College, 29 July - 3 August 2012

Videos, and talk and poster PDFs online

Slides and posters in PDF form for most of the talks and posters are now available, as well as videos of the talks and discussion sessions.

Thanks for a great meeting!

Thanks to everyone for a wonderfully enjoyable and productive week. Click on photo above for a high-resolution version.

Full abstract book and program available

The final workshop program and abstract book are now available. We are looking forward to a very exciting meeting with a range of cutting-edge science and plenty of time for productive discussion.

Wednesday afternoon activities sign-up

We have several activities planned for the free Wednesday afternoon, including hiking, canoeing, and a visit to the Hood Museum of Art. Spaces may be limited, so interested participants should sign up using the web form.

Dartmouth campus and arrival information

An updated map of the Dartmouth campus is now available, showing the location of the venues for the workshop. The sessions will be held in the new Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center, with breakfast and lunch at the Class of 1953 Commons. Dorm accommodation will be in Fahey Hall. All campus locations are within walking distance.

For those staying in the dorm, check-in will be available at Fahey (see the map for location) starting at noon on Sunday, 29 July. For those arriving by Dartmouth Coach at or before 7pm, you can meet members of the Organizing Committee at the bus stop outside the Hopkins Center when your coach arrives. If you are arriving on campus after 7pm on Sunday, please let us know by email at Black.Hole.Feedback.2012@dartmouth.edu and we will make arrangements for check-in to the dorm.

The welcome reception (with drinks and appetizers) will run from 6 to 7:30pm on Sunday at Top of the Hop at the Hopkins Center for the Arts (where the Dartmouth Coach arrives on campus). Workshop registration will be available at the reception, or at the workshop venue starting at 8:30am on Monday. Please be sure to bring cash or a check to cover the registration fee of $300 plus (if applicable) $45 per night for dorm rooms.

Workshop overview

Supermassive black holes are among the most powerful objects in the Universe, and their growth as active galactic nuclei (AGN) releases enormous quantities of energy in the form of radiation or mechanical outflows. Through the coupling of this energy to gas, black holes can profoundly influence the evolutionary history of their host galaxies. The past few years have seen remarkable advances in understanding the importance of this black hole - galaxy interaction, but key questions remain about the physics of how this interplay occurs.

This workshop aims to bring together a small number of observers and theorists working at the cutting edge of this discipline, to discuss what we've learned in recent years through observations and theory, and to chart exciting future directions. Questions to be addressed include:

• Is the observed star formation in galaxies influenced by the presence of an AGN?

• How prevalent are galaxy-wide outflows launched by AGN? When are they driven by radiative winds as opposed to relativistic jets?

• Do high-redshift galaxies experience a merger-driven evolutionary sequence that fuels a quasar? Do quasar winds expel gas from halos at high redshift?

• What is the balance of heating vs. cooling in hot halo atmospheres? How do relativistic jets couple to gas?

Places at the workshop will be extremely limited (maximum 50 participants) and will be selected on a rolling basis, so interested participants are encouraged to submit abstracts as soon as possible. Preference will be given to postdocs, senior researchers, and faculty, although some places will be reserved for excellent student abstracts.

Submission of abstracts is now closed.

A registration fee of $300 will cover the five days of the workshop, lunches, and the workshop dinner.

Organizing Committee

Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth), David Alexander (Durham), Richard Bower (Durham), Sera Markoff (Amsterdam), Brian McNamara (Waterloo), Nicole Nesvadba (Orsay)

Kevin Hainline (UCLA, Dartmouth), Francesca Civano (SAO), Chien-Ting Chen (Dartmouth), Chris Harrison (Durham)

Black Hole Feedback 2012
Dartmouth College
30 July - 3 August 2012

Last Updated: 30 July 2012

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