Survey on Foreign Policy and American Overseas Comittments

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This survey, administered by YouGov (formerly Polimetrix) from April 26 - May 2, 2012, examines public attitudes on U.S. foreign policy, especially U.S. alliances security commitments in regions such as East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Professor Valentino constructed this poll with the help of a wide range of scholars, including historians and political scientists, who submitted questions for the survey. Unlike many foreign policy polls, the questions probe not simply what the public thinks about these commitments, but why people hold these views. The poll is ripe for analysis by scholars of U.S. foreign policy and politics seeking to better understand the American public’s foreign policy beliefs as a basis for new research. Professor Valentino developed this poll as a research instrument to facilitate new scholarship as part of research he is conducting with colleagues through the Tobin Project. You may use this data freely for non-commercial purposes, but please cite Benjamin Valentino in any publication or document that refers to the results.