Barrowes Consulting
Fortran consulting: code modernization, refactoring.
Matlab consulting: code development, GUIs, physics/electrical engineering
Specializing in fortran => Matlab conversion/translation/porting (see below)

Ben Barrowes has been using fortran and Matlab since beginning graduate school in 1996. During graduate work at MIT, I decided to translate several numerical fortran routines into Matlab as part of my research. Frustrated by the tedious and repetitive conversion process, I decided to modify my matlab2fmex translator into f2matlab, an automated fortran to Matlab code converter/translator.

f2matlab is the only semiautomatic fortran to Matlab translator in the world. It is usually sufficient for the conversion of small programs when followed by manual cleanup, debugging, and validation. The most recent version of f2matlab can be downloaded here. I am also able to convert fortran to R and Python as well.

I specialize in complete translation services for larger, more complex, mission critical fortran programs. Using f2matlab as a starting point, I can complete projects and incorporate revisions rapidly and accurately.

 Specifically, I provide the following translation consulting services:

Translation Examples

My background is in physics and electrical engineering as per my CV, dissertation, and other publications.

References upon request.

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