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BARREL 2013 Operations have officially ended.

For more information on the 2013 campaign, science updates, and preparations for our 2014 campaign, check out the BARREL blog!

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BARREL has a webpage on the NASA website.

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David Smith (one of the BARREL Co-I's) was featured on KQED in California, talking about BARREL

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BARREL I&T in progress

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Science Team

   BARREL team at CDR in Berkeley - March 2011

Left to Right: David McGaw, Andrew Liang, Max Comess, Brett Anderson, Michael McCarthy, John Sample, David Smith, Robyn Millan, Karl Yando, Linda Thompson

Principal Investigator

Robyn Millan, Dartmouth College


Robert Lin, U. C. Berkeley

David Smith, U. C. Santa Cruz

Michael McCarthy, University of Washington

Mary Hudson, Dartmouth College

Mikhail Panasyuk, Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University

Andrew Collier, Hermanus Magnetic Observatory South Africa

Mark Clilverd, British Antarctic Survey


Alexa Halford, Dartmouth

Leslie Woodger, Dartmouth


Dartmouth grads students: Brett Anderson, Zan Li, Sapna Shekhar

Dartmouth undergrads: Matt Bossart, Mike D'Andrea, Stefan Eckhardt, Nick Knezek, Kylie Lucas, and Jacob Ritter

UC Santa Cruz grads: Greg Bowers and Andrew Liang

UC Santa Cruz undegrads: Warren Rexroad

UC Berkeley: John Sample

Former Graduate Students

Amanda Baker (University of Washington)

Jessica Hewitt (Dartmouth)

Max Comess (UC Santa Cruz)

Karl Yando (Dartmouth)


George Parks, U. C. Berkeley

Richard Thorne, UCLA

Bern Blake, The Aerospace Corporation

John Wygant, University of Minnesota