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Professional Development and Training Working Group

Recognition and Benefits

In addition to training and professional development opportunities employees also noted a variety of ways they would like to have their work recognized and their value affirmed by the College. Employees offered the following suggestions most often:

  • Increase recognition of staff in official communications
  • Provide bonuses to recognize extraordinary performance, special assignments taken on, etc.
  • Increase “special benefits” to staff: this could include discounted tickets to HOP events, to the gym
  • Provide maternity leave for employees having a baby or adopting one rather than short-term disability leave
  • Provide more support for day care expenses
  • Consider flexible work time for positions where work can be done off-campus or after regular business hours
  • Sponsor social events, subsidized lunches, more open meetings, more opportunities to meet people across areas.

While it may not be practicable or desirable to implement all of these suggestions, the College and Human Resources in particular should consider how to move forward with some of these ideas. The Office of Human Resources should also encourage staff to submit ideas on how the College can recognize and reward employees.

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Last updated: 01/31/07