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Professional Development and Training Working Group

Professional Development and Advancement

Create a variety of professional development opportunities at all levels including:

  • Virtual and actual learning communities on campus for peer support and shared problem solving;
  • Brown bag lunches with colleagues from across the campus;
  • Informal gatherings that facilitate communication across departmental boundaries and among staff who would not otherwise come together;
  • Lists and a lending library of recommended books and readings;
  • A staff career counseling office in HR (this office could be involved with efforts for partner placement and could advise those interested in advancement).

Encourage and support:

  • Participation in regional conferences and workshops with peers from other institutions to share best practices and gain a broader understanding of higher education;
  • Opportunities to present at conferences;
  • Enrollment in courses, at Dartmouth or elsewhere;
  • Employee attendance at special events and lectures

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Last updated: 01/31/07