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Introduction and Background

Over the past couple of years, President James Wright has worked to improve the services provided by the administration to students and faculty and to increase communication across the institution. In the summer of 2005, President Wright described a set of priorities for the administration:

  • Support the work of faculty and students
  • Recruit and retain talented and diverse officers and staff and encourage and support their advancement
  • Steward the resources of the institution in a prudent and responsible manner
  • Communicate effectively across the institution
  • Encourage innovation within a culture of interdependence, transparency, responsibility, and accountability

As part of an ongoing effort to meet these goals, he invited McKinsey and Company, a global management consulting company, to undertake a comprehensive review of administrative services at the College. McKinsey reported back in the spring of 2006 and concluded that, “while Dartmouth has many strengths within its administrative team, it has an opportunity to upgrade its organization to better support faculty and students.”

Following the report by McKinsey, President James Wright appointed established two working groups. The president asked the first working group to look at Dartmouth’s administrative culture and communications structure and to develop a set of recommendations on how we might enhance the work of the administration in supporting faculty and students and how we could make improvements in the general oversight and stewardship of the College's infrastructure and resources. The president charged the Hiring and Retention Working Group with (a) reviewing processes related to staff hiring and retention at all levels, and (b) making specific recommendations to address these findings. He asked both groups to consider ways of empowering managers to take on more responsibility within a framework established by institutional priorities and goals.

At the same time the president asked Executive Vice President Adam Keller to work with his staff to develop a more transparent and integrated institutional and divisional annual planning and budget process. EVP Keller worked with executive officers from around campus and drew on the expertise of several areas with well-developed annual planning models.

This document contains the three reports that resulted from these working groups and an additional report coauthored by the members of the Culture and Communications Group and the Hiring and Retention Group on Professional Development:

  1. Culture and Communications
  2. Annual Planning and Budgeting
  3. Hiring and Retention
  4. Professional Development and Training

Last updated: 01/31/07