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Due Diligence

Based on our experience and communication with colleagues, we believe that hiring managers sometimes extend offers without engaging in due diligence. We believe that for every hire it is necessary to:

  • Complete a reference check that includes speaking with the candidate’s immediate supervisor at each of the applicant’s last two places of employment;
  • Confirm the accuracy of the applicant’s educational credentials by contacting the institutions’ registrars; and
  • Perform an Internet search for information concerning the individual (e.g., “Google” the applicant), while recognizing that such searches may turn up information indiscriminately so that the results need to be vetted carefully.

This procedure could be carried out either by the recruitment consultants in HR or by the hiring officers. In either case, HR should establish a procedure for certifying that the above steps have been completed before a new employee may be placed on the payroll.

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Last updated: 01/31/07