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Some of the recommendations outlined above will be easy to accomplish, others will take more time and work. Still others will require the investment of additional resources. We hope that managers and directors will discuss the report with their employees and we hope that it will enhance Dartmouth’s capacity to become an even more innovative and inclusive place to work.

We would like to end with two final recommendations.

  • The first is to disseminate this report to all employees. As part of our work, the committee established a website that includes a suggestion box for ideas on how the administration could improve still further. Many of the recommendations outlined above depend upon better communication by all employees and a broader sense of institutional responsibility. We hope that a discussion of our recommendation will help encourage such a culture.
  • Secondly, the administration should consider either continuing this committee for some period of time or establishing another committee to assess the implementation of the recommendations from the McKinsey working groups.

Finally, the members of the committee wanted to express their appreciation to the many people who met with the committee or sent in suggestions and who shared their experiences of working at Dartmouth. We learned a lot from these conversations, and we enjoyed debating and discussing ways in which we could encourage greater innovation, effective communication and operations. And we look forward to realizing the goals established by President Wright for the administration.

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Last updated: 01/31/07