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Administrative Working Groups

Administrative Working Groups

Three Administrative Working Groups established by President James Wright last spring have issued their recommendations on a range of administrative topics.

The working groups were set up as part of a longer-term effort by the president to enhance the administration, which included bringing McKinsey & Co., a management consulting firm, to Dartmouth in August of 2005. The McKinsey team reviewed the College's non-academic operations and found that the Dartmouth administration is very strong, and that growth has been both prudent and reasonable. McKinsey did recommend, however, that the College review hiring, communications, and the annual budget and planning process.

The three working groups issued four reports covering these areas. Among the prominent recommendations:

  • A new mission statement and core values
  • Annual Planning and budgeting process that is transparent and emphasizes program and priorities
  • More responsibility for managers and greater accountability
  • Streamlined hiring process¬†
  • The creation of an Ombuds Office
  • Review of committee structure and organization
  • More support for professional development for all employees

Read President Wright's letter introducing the working groups' reports

Download the full set of reports (556kb PDF)

For hiring managers currently conducting searches: see new guidelines for the hiring process

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Last updated: 02/02/07