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Undergraduate Students

Peter Horak

Peter joined the team in Spring 2011. He is currently in shop class.

Thomas Whalen

Tom joined the team in Winter 2011. He is currently in shop class.

Patrick Yukman

Patrick became involved with the lab in the fall of 2010, and is currently in charge of updating this website as well as working on the Squidbee radios for GreenCube 5.

Amanda Slagle

Amanda began work with the lab in the winter of 2009 as a WISP intern. She primarily works on electronics for GreenCube, including calibration, testing, and troubleshooting for the magnetometer, accelerometer, and temperature sensors. She also helped design the LED circuit being used as a flashing light source for GreenCube III.

Jon Guinther

Jon began working in the lab in the fall of 2009. This summer, he served as the recovery team leader-in-training, and he is currently involved in ordering materials for the lab, "stuffing" boards and trays with the necessary electronics for missions, and making mechanical modifications to the cubes when necessary.

William Voigt

William is a dual degree engineering student from Colby. He is a '12 there, majoring in Physics and Philosophy, and a '13 at Dartmouth, getting a mechanical B.E. William has worked for the lab the past two summers and is working there during this academic year. He has worked on a large number of projects for both GreenCube and RocketCube, and is currently involved in working on tracking and prediction software for GreenCube, in addition to co-leading the GreenCube recovery team.

Max Fagin

Max started working with the lab in the fall of 2008. He graduated from Vassar College with a double major in physics and astronomy, and is now pursuing a BE in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering at Thayer. Max works on communication systems for the GreenCube Payload. Some of his other tasks include payload machining and fabrication, maintaining the video cameras which fly on GreenCube, and serving as the mission videographer. This winter, Max will be spending 2 weeks as the Mars Analog Research Station (MDRS) in Utah where he hopes to use GreenCube as a tool to investigate wind patterns over the Mojave desert, as well as to study the possible use of balloons for deployment on manned Mars missions.

Casey Bradshaw