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Graduate Students

Philip Fernandes

Lisa Gayetsky

Lisa joined the Lynch group in the fall of 2008. She is studying density fluctuations in plasma sheaths in nonideal conditions.

Meghan Mella

Meghan is a graduate student who has been working with the Lynch group since 2006. She does data analysis for the SCIFER-2 sounding rocket. Meghan is also working on the buildup, integration, and launch of the CASCADES-2 rocket. In her free time, she likes to build, test, and calibrate particle detectors. Meghan's website is here.

Phil Bracikowski

Graduated 2010 --

Phil began working for the Lynch group as an undergraduate in the summer of 2006. Currently he's working on adapting greencube to make it applicable for use with rockets. Phil has also been involved in the DUST project.

Kyoung-Joo Hwang

Graduated 2006 -- Now a post-doc at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

I'd started to work with Kristina in 2003 summer, and graduated in 2007 summer. My work is the structure, evolution, and boundary conditions of auroral downward current regions using FAST data. It included FAST E_perp (perpendicular electric field to the geomagnetic field) idl code development, studies for different potential strutures associated with different ionospheric and magnetospheric conditions and responses in the auroral downward current region.

Kristen Frederick-Frost

Graduated 2007 -- Now a post-doc at the University of New Hampshire.

Joining the Lynch group in 2002, I was quickly caught up in the preparations for the January 2004 launch of the SERSIO sounding rocket. Much of my time was spent assembling and calibrating the particle detectors for that mission. Traveling to Ny-Alesund in Svalbard, Norway for the launch in the middle of January was one of those experiences that helped affirm my distaste for fish. Honestly, I had a great time and have been analyzing the particle data ever since. I am also designing a vacuum system that will give us the ability to test our hemispherical electrostatic analyzers in a low energy plasma environment. I try to diversify my attention and avoid the well deserved title of 'lab rat' by participating in educational activities/exhibits in local museums.

Robert Michell

Graduated 2007 -- Now a post-doc at the Southwest Research Institute.

I'm a graduate student working for Kristina Lynch, on the CASCADES sounding rocket experiment. I work on building and testing the control electrons for the particle detectors. I also work on the construction and calibration of the particle detecors themselves, and hopefully the measured data after the launch.