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Real Time Space Weather


Parker in Africa

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Real Time Space Weather

Based on the 27 day estimate and the 1-4 day estimate, we can make a space weather forecast and decide whether to launch the rocket or not. For a more detailed guide to understanding and predicting space weather click here.

Comprehensive Viewista List of RENU links

For instructions on using Viewista, please download this document

Long Range - Kp, B1, Vsw for several months

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Solar Images

Kp: General Activity Index Shows Kp for past few months

Solar Wind Speed Plot


Solar Wind Density Plot

All Conde Diagrams

Recent Week-Kp, Vsw, B2

Recent SWPC/NOAA Info

ACE and STEREO data

Tonight - Goes, POESS

GEDDS Meridian Scan Photometer

GEDDS Keogram Display

GEDDS Toolik Lake Allsky

Canadian Mag Chain (map of stations)

Alaska Mag Chain

Canadian MSP's

PFISR Monitor (can only be viewed from PFRR)

Links for SCIFER-2 and RENU

Stations Involved

Andoya Rocket Range

Alomar Observatory on Andoya

KHO includes important polar bear information and up to date magnetometer data and also 4mag data

Eiscat includes schedule and data

Kjellmar display analyzed eiscat data



KHO Auroral Oval Forecast

Space Weather Links

Space Weather Now

Space Weather Data contains solar wind models

Space Physics Interactive Data Source

"The Weekly" – A Preliminary Report and Forecast of Solar Geophysical Data from NOAA/SWPC

All Sky Cameras and Imagers

dSLR Imager at KHO

KHO StellaCam All-Sky Camera

KHO All-Sky Camera

Japanese Imager at KHO

Andoya All Sky Imager

Ny Alesund All Sky Imager

KHO All Sky Imager

Finnish All Sky Camera Keogram Archives

Solar Satellite Links

30 Day STEREO BEHIND Solar Wind Data

Dynamic STEREO Real Time Beacon Plots

ACE and STEREO data

Current STEREO Images

The Very Latest SOHO Images

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

Tromso Geographical Oberservatory contains magnetogram archives

Local Weather Forecasts

Weather Forecast for Lonyearbyen

Hourly Forecast for Longyearbyen

Current Weather at KHO

Previous Rocket Data

Sersio Examples

Trice Examples

Get Fuzzy!

Click for Svalbard, Norway Forecast

Click for Fairbanks, Alaska Forecast