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RENU: Launch

RENU will launch from the Rocket Range on the northern coast of Norway. The expected total time of flight is 783 seconds over a range of 1474 km, with apogee of 508 km directly over Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The launch window is from 11/28/2010 to 12/12/2010, between 4 AM to 10 AM local time.

Geophysical Launch Criteria:

• Moon in last or first quarter or below the horizon at Longyearbyen.

• Solar depression angle greater than 10o at Longyearbyen.

• An active cleft ionosphere with 5577 and 6300 light emissions overheat at either Longyearbyen or Ny-Alesund.

• At least 20 nT of magnetometer activity at either Longyearbyen or Ny-Alesund.

• Clear skies at either Longyearbyen or Ny-Alesund such that either auroral TV or meridian scanning photometers provide data.

• EISCAT Svalbard radar recording ion outflows and elevated electron temperatures

Click here to see a .pdf of the mission timeline.