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Parker in Africa

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Parker in Africa - October 15, 2006

Dear friends and family,

I was once so good at keeping in touch under the circumstances, but I have become quite horrible. Maybe laziness, maybe forgetfulness, maybe loss of inspiration. I feel more and more as if I'm fading out of my prior life (in the US)-losing touch, losing communication-but soon I will be back. I have less than two months now in Africa, and although I don't want to count down the days, I think I need to come back. These past weeks I've been in a silent panic-caught between feeling that I've missed so much of my life back home-I will be such a foreigner. Feelings of regret that I have missed out on a great year with the friends and family I love, and I life I was happy with. But also a feeling of panic that my time here is running out-these next few weeks will move fast and I will have to say goodbye to the new people in my life, as well as a lifestyle I have become more than comfortable with. I feel that I haven't done enough- haven't done anything, and that soon I will lose everything that I truly gained from this experience in a heartbeat-all of my students and friends. I know that regret will do me no good, and some day I will be forced to see how silly I am, so welcome to the mind of a confused, overachieving girl. Anyways, its time for me to com home, but I'm afraid I won't know what to do when I get there.

Enough about my insecurities and ramblings. While not everyday is eventful, I have still done and seen some interesting things in the past weeks. I went to the AICC- the location for the UN tribunal for Rwanda. I got to go into the court room and watch some proceedings-extremely interesting and disturbing. It was truly a horrible thing that happened in Rwanda, but at least they are trying to do something about it.

Now, my good family friend from Ouray, Laurel Kropuenske, is here visiting me. It has been great to have a companion, and someone to talk to. She spent a few days at the school and then went down to Moshi to work at that orphanage I told you about-Tunahaki [An update on them: they head to the US in a few weeks to perform in California and Las Vegas. Actually, I was informed that they will be performing as the pre-game show for a Lakers game. And, they have a film crew here now, making a move about the director and the kids. I had no idea that all this would be coming their way, but I'm really happy for them. I hope it helps hem a lot.] As for Laurel, next week she will go on safari, then I'll join her to Zanzibar for a few days.

The biggest thing on my list right now is graduation. The Form 4s (Grade 12) are currently taking their exams which in many ways will decide their future. They all take it remarkably well. Then, this Saturday they graduate and leave Agape forever. Jamani, Nitalia (I am really going to cry!) The graduation is going to be pretty amazing though-The minister of education and the speaker of Parliament of Tanzania will be the guests of honor, and we are really doing it up. Now the school is just preparing, and I'm trying to get as much teaching in as I can, but I know that once the Form 4s leave the school will never be the same for me. Not only are my students leaving me for the next month and a half, but truly, they are my friends. I just selfishly hope that they will remember me when they leave, the same as I will remember them all my life.

After graduation I'm taking a little trip to Zanzibar-I know, my life is so tough!. So, I'll write you all how graduation goes and once again make you jealous of the glories of Zanzibar.

Much love,