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Parker in Africa

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Parker in Africa

Parker Fagrelius is an undergraduate member of Kristina Lynch's Rocket Lab who will be spending a year in Africa teaching physics at a local school in Moshi, Tanzania. Parker will be sharing her experiences through a series of email messages. The first is below.

Hello Friends and Family,

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm leaving today for Africa. I fly out of Denver tomorrow and then fly for about 2 days, arriving at Kilimanjaro Int. Airport at noon on Sunday. If all works out well, I will be teaching Physics at Agape Lutheran Secondary School in Moshi Tanzania for the next year. I am unsure of many of the specifics, but I will know soon and keep in touch. I should be on blitzmail (email) while I am there, and I will send updates as often as I can. Please keep in touch! It will be nice to here from familiar people after all of the new adventures I will have.

At this point I have so many little things to think about that I'm neither really excited nor scared, although I've had moments of both while here at home in Ouray. I'm sure everything will be fine, there is just so much unknown at this time.

I hope everyone is doing well and had a great holiday season! If you don't want to be on this list (I'll keep sending mass emails throughout the year) or if you know of someone who wants to be on it (I put it together really fast) please let me know.

Much love and respect,


P.S. my address will be:

Agape Lutheran Junior Seminary
Parker Fagrelius
P.O. Box 8882
Moshi, Tanzania

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