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Building the Elephant

We are developing a large vacuum calibration and test system for quantifying the response of our particle detectors to the auroral environment. The sheaths that form around conducting bodies in a plasma can be a problem for the measurement of thermal plasma particles, and we hope to quantify and study these sheaths so that we can better understand our data.

Systems Design and Fabrication of Fall River, MA were responsible for all the machining and welding of the 4' by 5' chamber.

This is the main body of the chamber that will be populated with many ports.

Looking down the main body out thru the door.

This is the large flange that gets welded onto the door.

Close up on the trimming process.

This domed door will have a large flange for the microwave plasma source we plan to build.

Systems design and fabrication has been making some of the parts for the chamber.