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2009 Dartmouth-AUK Intern’s Research Honored with Chase Peace Prize

Dameron '11
Charles Dameron '11, a Dartmouth-AUK intern in 2009, was awarded the Chase Peace Prize.

When Dartmouth-AUK intern Charles Dameron was in Kuwait in 2009, his assignments included research and teaching in Professor Christopher Ohan's Oral History course and working with student journalists at The Voice of AUK. Both experiences proved valuable in the course of writing his senior thesis at Dartmouth, for which he was recently awarded the prestigious Chase Peace Prize. Dameron's thesis focused on the effectiveness of state-sponsored media.

The Chase Peace Prize is awarded annually by Dartmouth's Dickey Center for International Understanding. Dameron found that the more objective the broadcast, the more audiences wanted to listen. "And listenership translates to impact," Dameron said in a public forum at Dartmouth in February 2012.

Dameron spoke on a panel with A. Ross Johnson, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution and a former Director of Radio Free Europe; Kenneth Osgood, Director of the McBride Honors Program at Colorado School of Mines and an expert on U.S. Cold War history; and his thesis advisor, Dartmouth Government Professor William Wohlforth.

The experts agreed that Dameron's research was key to international understanding. "If we have any hope of winning over international public opinion," said Osgood, "we have to first understand it."

"It serves U.S. interests in the long run, "observed Dameron in his closing remarks, "to be seen as an honest broker of information." After an internship with Radio Free Europe in Prague, Czech Republic, Dameron will enter Yale Law School this fall, 2012.

William Wohlforth, Daniel Webster Professor of Government and Dameron's advisor, observed, "[It] is the legacy of someone who understood higher education's potential to contribute to peace."

The Chase Peace Prize was initiated by Lithuanian native Edward M. Chase, who immigrated to New Hampshire and lived there most of his life. A philanthropist of many causes, Mr. Chase established the prize to encourage reflection on the causes of war and the prospects for peace.

Adapted from an article by Lee McDavid for the Dickey Center Newsletter Crossroads Voume 14, Number 2.

Last Updated: 12/14/12