"I joined Alpha Theta because it feels like a family." - Lauren Bishop '19

Keira Byno '19

A friend of mine is a member of Alpha Theta, and he first drew me into AO’s basement for tails. And I really loved all the options - there’s space to play pong, dance, or sit and chill on comfy couches or at the bar. I also liked that it was a space that I felt comfortable in. I came for the parties, and joined for the celebration of nerd culture, the house’s interesting quirks, and all the cool people I’ve met along the way.

Will Maresco '19

I joined Alpha Theta in the Fall of 2016. To be honest, the main reason I rushed was because I was relentlessly contacted by multiple members attempting to get me to rush. However, I am totally glad they did so! Once I sunk my bid, I discovered one of the most open and accepting communities on campus. From cooking house dinner, to eating house dinner, to (sometimes) cleaning up after house dinner, I have found multiple ways to get myself involved. Although everyone refers to Alpha Theta as "the house", to me it's a home.

Raina Lopez '19

I joined Alpha Theta because it was the Greek house where I felt most comfortable. The membership is really diverse and that opened my eyes to another side of Greek life at Dartmouth. One night freshman year, I was looking for something to do so I visited Alpha Theta on a whim and I never left. I have always felt very welcomed by my siblings and I think that the house has a great environment. I hope that the Alpha Theta can be a community for you too.

Lexington Foote '19

I joined Alpha Theta because it was the only house that didn't make me feel self-conscious, where I felt like the members actually wanted to talk to me and get to know me, even before I joined. Being a member of the house has provided me with a close-knit, low stress community that's always available for me but flexible enough that I never feel like being a member or participating in events is an obligation.

Alexis Castillo '19

I always felt that there was something missing in my college experience. In short, I missed being able to Geek-out about Pokémon or openly talk about comic books with people. I rushed Alpha Theta because I thought the house would introduce me to a great group of people with similar interests. What I have fortunately come to find is that Alpha Theta is a house filled with amazing, supportive, and diverse group of people. Alpha Theta has become a home away from home.

Yolanda Huerta '19

I honestly joined on a whim/because my friend was joining alone, but the reason why I'm glad I joined the house is all the time we spend together. We don't always get along and we don't always see eye to eye, but I enjoy that we've developed a genuine siblinghood.

James Ragan '16

I found Alpha Theta because of the house's culture of social gaming. I chose Alpha Theta because of the house's extremely welcoming community. Alpha Theta has given me an important, safe space where I can be myself.

Annie Furman '19

I came to Dartmouth pretty adamant that as an introvert with no love of big party scenes, Greek life wasn't for me. But when some of my older friends started reaching out to me and inviting me to events like mellows at Alpha Theta, I was surprised to find a caring, supportive family that I was eager to join. TL;DR - I came for the food, stayed for the friends, now sometimes I cook the food to try and get more friends.

Palden Flynn '18

The traditional rush process didn't seem like a good fit for me, so I didn't plan on joining a Greek house in college. After attending an Alpha Theta rush event, I finally discovered an option that fit my values: gender inclusive Greek life. Alpha Theta's open and supportive environment makes our house a home for everyone, whether you're a sibling or not.