Considering Rush?

Learn about the rush process and what rushing Alpha Theta means for you!

WhAT Rush means for You

Rush at Alpha Theta is completely non-binding, and completely casual. If you choose to sign our rush book during any rush event, you will be eligible to receive a bid after that event has ended. The bid is good for four terms, so you can choose to sink at any point during those four terms. It is also possible to participate in Gender Inclusive Rush concurrently with IFC and Panhellenic Rush. If you have any interest at all, our doors are always open and we'd love to see you there.

How to Rush the House

Rushing Alpha Theta is a great opportunity to get to know our members, the house itself, and if Alpha Theta might be a good fit for you. Rush is held during the second full week of every term, including spring and summer. We hold rush events over the course of this week where you can officially rush Alpha Theta. You can expect free food, board games, house tours, tales from our history, and, of course, awesome Alpha Thetians to hang out with. If you aren't able to make those dates, get in touch with the house or our Recruitment Chair to work something out.

Becoming a Member

Within 24 hours of our rush events, Alpha Theta will give you a bid if we believe you’d be a good fit for the house. If you receive a bid, you will be invited to the bidholder's party as to hang out with our members, play games, and interact with the house more before you make your decision. If you decide you'd like to become a member of Alpha Theta, you will be able to sink your bid that Saturday and forever join the membership of our Greek House. Once an Alpha Thetian, always an Alpha Thetian.