Alpha Theta Leadership

Meet the members that keep our house running

Alpha Theta prides itself on its members who undertake leadership positions to ensure that our house grows and thrives. Need to get in touch with one of them? Find most of our execs below!


Pirzada Ahmad '18

Hi, my name is Pirzada Ahmad, and I am an '18 from South Florida. I'm majoring in Government, minoring in WGSS. I plan on going to law school after I'm finished here. I love sports, care deeply about issues of social justice, listen to an unhealthy mix of top-40 pop/edm and trap music, and enjoy a good meme every now and then. Please feel free to reach out to me regarding the house (whether that be an issue, concern, question, or comment). I am also super friendly and down to grab a meal and talk about Alpha Theta any time in general - hiiiiit meeee upppp, fam.


Francine Mejia '18

Francine Mejia is an '18 from Los Angeles, California. She is a first generation student, a biology major, and Pre-Med. She loves to be active in the community by devoting her time to volunteer organizations such as ASPIRE and Dartmouth Feeding Neighbors. She is also a Pre-Health Mentor and works with America Reads. She is also a FYSEP member and a Health Career Connections alumnus. If you have any questions about living in Alpha Theta or parking in the Alpha Theta parking lot, you should reach out to her.

Social Chair

Brendan Schuetze '18

I am an '18 from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At Dartmouth, I am involved with research in cognitive science, and plan to go to grad school eventually. I am interested in statistics, research methodology, and applying psychology to educational contexts. Currently, I am Alpha Theta's social chair.


Raphael Hviding '18

Raphael Hviding is a Physics and Math double major. He conducts research in the Astronomy department and helps lead the Dartmouth Public Observing program on Fridays. He is a member of the Dartmouth College Fencing Club where he the squad leader for Epee. In his free time, Raphael prefers hiking, playing video games. and hanging out with his friends. His preferred meal on campus is Foco stir-fry as long as the line isn't too long. He also built this website. To find out more about him and what he does, check out his website at:

House Manager

Alec Cobban '19

Hi, I'm Alec, the Fall House Manager for Alpha Theta! I'm a '19 Biology major with interests in microbial ecology and geobiochemistry. Outside the house I'm president of Dartmouth Taekwondo and spend a lot of time working in the O'Toole Lab and the Leavitt Lab. Send me a blitz if you have any questions about any of our events or the house in general.

House Manager

Lawrence Abu-Hammour '19

Hey there! My name is Lawrence Abu-Hammour! I'm a '19 at Dartmouth that loves really anything and everything. As of 17X, I am the sitting house manager for Alpha Theta! I am an Engineering Sciences major with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Arabic. I believe I found a community where I can feel right at home and that is, Alpha Theta, will be that place. I am a Youtuber and love doing it and have been doing it for a long time now. I love anime, video games, and watching great TV shows and movies. Video games from Nintendo, anything on Sony consoles, and any anime but I love comedic animes. I work at the Thayer School Machine Shop, a Physics Research Assistant, and as a Math and Engineering Tutor on campus. I'm starting to get into professional photography and want to learn more code. I'm a history junkie and love getting into political discussions or discussions in general. In my free time, I spend my evenings at the radio station on third floor Robo playing board games and chilling with my friends. I love a nice, clean board game. Finally, I'm all around very big on exploring and love to get to know people.

Recruitment Chair

Kit Hattier '18

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Non-Academic Chair

Stephen Banks '18

Yo I'm Stephen and I'm the Non-Ac chair for Alpha Theta! I'm an '18, and an English and Philosophy major, so anxiety about future employment is at an all time high! I'm in charge of organizing all of our weekly events like Mellows and Movie Night, as well as larger events for our membership. Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information about our weekly events, or if you have any general questions about the house.

Community Service Chair

Alexis Castillo '19

Alexis Castillo is an Alisal High School graduate from Salinas, California. At Dartmouth, Alexis is majoring in sociology and minoring in education. She works at Novack Café and is an active member of the first generation college student community. Alexis has represented Dartmouth as a campus ambassador for the 1vyG conference, is a member of the coalition that drafted the No Apologies Initiative, and is one of the First Generation Low Income Student Coordinators for First Gen Low Income Advising within the Office of Pluralism and Leadership. During 16X, Alexis interned with a youth violence prevention program in her hometown. As an intern for the Youth Leadership Academy, she worked with high school students to encourage self-empowerment, alternatives to violence, and professionalism through workshops and internship placements with nonprofits. Outside of work and academics, Alexis enjoys spending time with friends, listening to Alternative Rock, reading comics, and playing the ukulele.

Academic Chair

Caleb Caldwell '17

Lex Foote is from Tallahassee, Florida and spends most of his time at Dartmouth regretting that he moved to somewhere with snow. He’s majoring in English and minoring in environmental studies and French. Find him in Alpha Theta, in the Sanborn basement, or, now that summer is finally here, outside basking in the sun like a lizard. As Academic Chair, he rewards the most motivated members with candy and shmoozes our favorite professors.

Member Development Chair

Keira Byno '19

Hello, reader. Welcome to the (Interim) Member Development Chair section of our (sometimes) troll website. Things Keira enjoys: pranking other members of AO, fencing, listening to music, dancing horribly, speaking German, killin it as Corrin during Sm4sh games, ensuring that you have a gooooood time at Tails, and Keira also apparently enjoys talking in third person about herself. Blitz her (aka meeee) if you have any questions about tails-related events or general AO questions!

Jock Chair

Hallie Sala '19

Hallie Sala is not particularly athletic, and considers her (re-)election as jock chair a damning indictment of the entire house. A Russian major and math minor, Hallie enjoys writing, kayaking, knitting, trawling the internet, and composing angry haikus about DDS (“Efficient markets / through arbitrage, find balance. / DDS mocks me.”). You can contact her by blitz or by whispering her name three times into a Scrabble board while waving a ripe avocado.


Jennifer Wu '19

I’m Jen, and I write emails! Please talk to me about pretty fonts and funny gifs. And dogs. Especially my dog or your dog.

On a more serious note: I am a QSS and AMES focused on East Asia double major and a Government minor. When I am not at Alpha Theta, you can find me on the Japanese Floor or on FFB/2FB somewhat doing work. Because I study on FFB, I often buy KAF in the mornings. (Or is it Y causes X? Or just a correlation? Probably the latter.) At the end of the term, I tend to have DBA left over, so go ahead and finesse a drink or meal out of me. On campus, besides doing secretarial work for Alpha Theta, I am active in Dartmouth Japan Society and Dartmouth College Fencing Club. During my free time I enjoy eating, reading, playing video games, adventuring/traveling, and admiring art.


Raina Lopez '19

Raina Lopez is a '19 from Brooklyn, NY. She is an alumna of The Dalton School and Prep for Prep. She is a Chinese major and hopes to become fluent by the time she graduates. She is a member of the Club Swim team, Music In Color, and the Dartmouth College Gospel Choir. She also works in the IT Department in various capacities and would be more than happy to help you with your tech related issues or refer you to someone else who can assist you. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts or concerns you may have.