Here's our house calendar.

To receive notifications of Alpha Theta events, please blitz Alpha Theta to be added to our social list.

Weekly Events

Monday Night Movies (10 PM, Monday Nights): Every Monday night, we show a movie in our South Living Room that has been selected by our membership. Come relax on our comfy couches, with popcorn and refreshments.

Mellows (10 PM, Thursday Nights): Come join us for fresh-baked brownies, fruit, non-alcoholic beverages, fine music, and good conversation. We'll blitz a menu out every week to the social list.

Alpha Theta Friday Night (10 PM - 1 AM, Friday Night): Come start your weekend off right at our house, with dancing, free food, ping-pong type games, and quality beverages. Bring your Dartmouth ID, or government-issued ID if you're over 21.

Termly Events

Dinner Discussions: Alpha Theta attempts to hold dinner discussions with professors each term. Blitz Alpha Theta to recieve notifications about dinner discussions and other programming events.

Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, and sloth: come celebrate your favorite sin with sinful costumes, sinful beverages, and sinful activities... dancing, free food, and ping-pong like games, as always.

DartCon: Every term, Alpha Theta hosts DartCon, Dartmouth's only gaming convention. The event runs over an entire weekend, from 12 PM on Friday until 12 AM Sunday Night. Activities include board game tournaments, card game tournaments, video game tournaments, and a large variety of roleplaying games. There are door prizes given out, as well as prizes for a number of the tournaments. If you would be interested in running a game at the next DartCon, please email us.