History of CFS Organizations at Dartmouth

Order of Establishment of Fraternities, Sororities and Coed (CFS) Organizations at Dartmouth. This is not an official history and we aren't making any promises about accuracy. Corrections and comments can be sent to geoff.bronner.91@alumni.dartmouth.org.


Year Est. House Info
1841 Psi Upsilon (Zeta Chapter). Fraternity, National.
1842 Kappa Kappa Kappa. Changed name to Kappa Chi Kappa in 1992. Changed name back to Kappa Kappa Kappa in 1995. Fraternity, Local.
1847 Alpha Delta Phi (Dartmouth Chapter). Fraternity, National. Formed by members of Gamma Sigma Society, now defunct. Became Alpha Delta in 1969. Fraternity, Local.
1853 Delta Kappa Epsilon (Pi Chapter). Fraternity, National. Became Storrs House in 1970. Now defunct.
1853 Zeta Psi, (Psi Chapter). Practically ceased to exist in 1863. Revived in 1871. Discontinued in 1873. Revived in 1920. Derecognized permanently by the College in May 2001. Fraternity, National.
1857 Phi Zeta Mu. Fraternity, Local. Became Eta Eta Chapter of Sigma Chi National Fraternity in 1893. Became The Tabard House in 1960. Coed House, Local.
1858 Sigma Delta Pi. Changed name to Vitruvian in 1871. Became Alpha Omega Chapter of Beta Theta Pi in 1889. Was local from 1961-62. Fraternity, National. Dissolved in 1996. (Planning to re-colonize.)
1869 Theta Delta Chi (Omicron Deuteron Chapter). Fraternity, National.
1884 Phi Delta Theta. Fraternity, National. Became Phi Delta Alpha in 1960. Fraternity, Local. Derecognized "indefinitely" by the College in March 2000 and reapplied for recognition in Fall 2002. This application was approved in May 2004.
1895 Beta Psi. Absorbed in 1896 by Phi Kappa Psi. Became Phi Sigma Psi in 1967 (Fraternity, Local). Changed name to The Panarchy in 1990. Changed name to Phi Psi/Panarchy in 1991. Coed, Local. Became the Panarchy "Undergraduate Society" and disaffiliated from the CFS system in 1993.
1898 Alpha Omega, a local society. Became the Chi Chapter of Chi Phi in 1902. Became Heorot in 1968. Rejoined Chi Phi in 1981. Became Chi Heorot in 1987. Fraternity, Local.
1901 Delta Tau Delta (Gamma Gamma Chapter). Became Bones Gate in 1960. Fraternity, Local.
1901 Pukwana. Became Delta Beta Chapter of Sigma Nu in 1907. Became Sigma Nu Delta in 1960. Rejoined Sigma Nu in 1985. Seceded from the CFSC in Spring 2001. Fraternity, National.
1901 Phi Gamma Delta (Delta Upsilon Chapter). Fraternity, National. Became Phoenix in 1965. Dissolved in 1971.
1903 Chi Tau Kappa. Became New Hampshire Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in 1908. Fraternity, National.
1905 Phi Sigma Kappa (Tau Chapter). Became Phi Tau in 1956. Coed House, Local.
1905 Kappa Sigma (Gamma Epsilon Chapter). Formed by a local organization, Beta Gamma, which was organized for the express purpose of becoming a chapter of Kappa Sigma. Became Kappa Sigma Gamma in 1981. Litigation by the Kappa Sigma Fraternity forced them to change to Chi Gamma Epsilon in 1987. Fraternity, Local.
1906 Acacia. Fraternity, National. Dissolved in 1908.
1908 Gamma Delta Epsilon. Local society disbanded in 1912. Revived in 1921. Became Kappa Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma in 1928. Merged with Phi Nu Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho in 1935 to become Gamma Delta Chi. Fraternity, Local.
1908 Omicron Pi Sigma. Became New Hampshire Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon in 1909. Became Sigma Theta Epsilon in 1967. Rejoined Sigma Phi Epsilon in 1981. Fraternity, National.
1914 Lambda Chi Alpha (Theta Zeta Chapter). National. Dissolved in 1932.
1915 Sigma Tau Omega. Became Delta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega in 1924. Dissolved in 1936.
1919 Alpha Chi Rho (Phi Nu Chapter). National. Merged with Phi Kappa Sigma in 1935 to become Gamma Delta Chi, but was reborn in 1956 as Phi Nu Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho. Became Alpha Chi Alpha in 1963. Fraternity, Local.
1920 Epsilon Kappa Phi. Became Dartmouth Chapter of Delta Upsilon in 1926. Became Foley House in 1966. Dissolved in 1984 to form an affinity house.
1921 Theta Chi Fraternity (Alpha Theta Chapter). Broke with Theta Chi over a racial clause in the National constitution and became Alpha Theta in 1953. Coed Fraternity, Local.
1924 Pi Lambda Phi (Pi Chapter). Fraternity, National. Dissolved in 1972.
1925 Sigma Alpha. Became Alpha Eta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi in 1928. Fraternity, National. Dissolved in 1936.
1930 Sigma Alpha Mu (Sigma Upsilon Chapter). Fraternity, National. Dissolved in 1935.
1950 Tau Epsilon Phi. Fraternity, National. Became Harold Parmington Foundation in 1969. Changed name to Delta Psi Delta in 1981. Coed, Local. Dissolved in 1991.
1971 The Dartmouth College Trustees decide to admit women to Dartmouth as A.B. degree candidates starting in the Fall of 1972.
1973 Alpha Phi Alpha (Theta Zeta Chapter). Fraternity, National.
1976 Sigma Kappa. Sorority, National. Became Sigma Delta in 1988. Sorority, Local.
1978 The faculty of Arts and Sciences votes 67-16 in favor of a proposal to abolish fraternities and sororities at the College. (The proposal is tabled by the Board of Trustees.)
1978 Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sorority, National.
1980 Alpha Chi Omega (Zeta Mu Chapter). Sorority, National. Became Xi Kappa Chi in 1990. Sorority, Local. Considered affiliation with Phi Mu National Sorority in 1993. Dissolved by Dartmouth Panhellenic Council in 1993.
1981 Kappa Alpha Theta. Sorority, National. Became Epsilon Kappa Theta in May 1992. Sorority, Local.
1982 The College announces that greek organizations must comply with a set of "minimum standards" in order to receive the privileges and services associated with College recognition. Each organization receives annual Minimum Standards reviews to ensure that they meet or exceed these standards.
1983 Alpha Kappa Alpha. Sorority, National.
1983 Che-Ase interest group. Became Delta Sigma Theta in 1985. Sorority, National.
1984 Delta Delta Delta. Seceded from the CFSC in Spring 2000. Sorority, National.
1984 Delta Phi Epsilon. Sorority, National. Became Pi Sigma Psi and dissolved soon after in 1990.
1984 Alpha Beta. Became a chapter of Delta Gamma in 1986. Rescinded national charter in 1997 and became Zeta Beta Chi. Sorority, Local. Announced plans to dissolve in December 1998.
1987 The "Wright Report" recommends that the influence of fraternities and sororities on campus social life be reduced. Out of this report comes the decision to delay Rush from the spring of freshman year to spring of sophomore year (this would later be adjusted to sophomore winter and then sophomore fall).
1987 Kappa Alpha Psi. Fraternity, National.
1993 Kappa Delta Epsilson. Formed by Dartmouth Panhellenic Council to replace Xi Kappa Chi. Sorority, Local.
1994 A second "Undergraduate Society" named Amarna is granted temporary recognition by the College in January. In March the society is given permanent recognition and control of a College owned house. Several of the founders of Amarna are former members of single-sex fraternities and sororities.
1997 Delta Pi Omega granted provisional recognition by Dartmouth. Announced national affiliation with Alpha Xi Delta in the same year and leased the unoccupied Beta Theta Pi chapter house. Sorority, National.
1998 Lambda Upsilon Lambda (La Unidad Latina). The College's first historically Latino fraternity. Fraternity, National.
1999 President Wright and the Trustees announce a "Residential and Social Life Initiative" to improve campus life. Statements made in subsequent interviews suggest that the College may require all single-sex fraternities and sororities to go coed but this is later denied. A series of committees are formed to prepare proposals for the Trustees to consider.
2000 After eleven months of debate the Committee on the Student Life Initiative releases a report in January which recommends major changes to the greek system at Dartmouth College.


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