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Graduate Programs in Astronomy/Astrophysics

Students interested in pursuring graduate work in astronomy or astrophysics are admitted to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. All graduate students are admitted with a 5 year Dartmouth fellowship which include a stipend and a full tuition scholarship. The department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics and Astronomy. Further details about the graduate program (including application instructions) may be found on the departmental page. The course requirements for those students interested in astronomy are somewhat different than for physics students. In particular, students interested in astronomy are required to take the following courses:

Students interested in working on cosmology with Professor Marcelo Gleiser or Robert Caldwell are typically required to complete the physics course requirments (any 6 out of the 8 physics core courses). In order to receive a Ph.D. a student must receive credit for a total of 12 graduate courses (exclusive of teaching courses).

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