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People and Research Programs

Prof. Robert Caldwell

Prof. Robert Caldwell is a theoretical cosmologist, who conducts research on quintessence and the dark energy in the universe, the cosmic microwave background, and the formation and evolution of large scale structure in the universe. Some of Prof. Caldwell's papers may be found on the on the SLAC SPIRES database.

Prof. Brian Chaboyer

Research in theoretical stellar astrophysics is conducted by Prof. Brian Chaboyer. A major goal of this work is to produce improved stellar models and isochrones. An important aspect of Prof. Chaboyer's research is the application of these improved stellar models and isochrones to problems in stellar populations. In particular, age determinations for globular clusters and open clusters are used to investigate the formation history of the Milky Way and other local group galaxies. Further details may be found on Prof. Chaboyer's research web page.

picture of a globular cluster

Prof. Robert Fesen

Prof. Robert Fesen is an observational astronomer who conducts research on supernovae and supernova remnants, the interstellar medium, shock waves, and Wolf-Rayet stars. Prof. Fesen and his graduate student Dan Patnaude utilitize infrared, optical, UV and X-ray observations in their research.

Cas A picture

Prof. Marcelo Gleiser

The theoretical cosmology group is led by Prof. Marcelo Gleiser and currently has two graduate students. Research is mainly on the interface between particle physics and cosmology, with several ramifications into other fields of physics, including field theory, statistical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics. Recent research topics include gravitational radiation, inflationary cosmology and numerical and analytical studies of nonequ:ilibrium dynamics of quantum fields and phase transitions. Further information may be found on the cosmology web page. Some of Prof. Gleiser's papers may be found on the Los Alamos preprint server.

Prof. John Thorstensen

Prof. John Thorstensen is an observational astronomer whose research centers on close binary stars, particularly cataclysmic binaries and related objects. He has recently developed techniques for obtaining stellar parallaxes at the MDM Observatory 2.4m telescope with accuracies in the 1 milliarcsecond range. Graduate students Holly Sheets and Christopher Peters are working with Prof. Thorstensen on orbital studies of cataclysmics.

Prof. Gary Wegner

Prof. Gary Wegner is an observational astronomer whose current research interests include cosmology and large-scale structure. Prof. Wegner's recent work has focused on peculiar motion studies and investigations of the Mg_2-sigma_0 relation in early-type galaxies. He is currently a member of the NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey team.

Adjunct Prof. Phillipe Crane

Adjunct Prof. Phil Crane is an observational astronomer whose research interests include galactic nuclei and QSOs.

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