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How does Dartmouth’s alumni participation rate compare to some of its peer institutions?

Last updated 08/29/07

Over the past four years, rates of giving among undergraduate alumni at Dartmouth have risen, while rates at many of our peer institutions have declined. From 2002-06, Dartmouth’s participation has gone from 45.4 percent to 50.8 percent; the average for all Ivy League schools plus MIT and Stanford over the same period has declined from 38.7 percent to 36.3 percent. And in some cases, Dartmouth’s participation rate is nearly double that of other Ivy League schools. (Data for all 10 schools for 2007 is not yet available.) Historically, Dartmouth ranks behind only Princeton in average annual alumni giving percentages since 1980, with Princeton at 57.8 percent to Dartmouth’s 56.1 percent.

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Last updated: 08/29/07