Providing mentoring for kids
of the community who are
interested in being exposed
to aspects of Asian culture


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DAO Pals Mission Statement


Provide mentoring to kids who are of Asian descent and/or have an interest in being exposed to aspects of a variety of Asian cultures.


We encourage donations of $15 - $20 each term for snacks and supplies. Cash or checks made out to either Chrissy Vu or Alan Kwan can be put in the DAO Pals Donation box at the events. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email one of the Chairs.

Unlike other similar programs, DAO Pals pairs two Big Pals with two Little Pals. We do this to ensure that at least one Big Pal will be available to spend time with the Little Pals.

Since full participation in this program is essential, both Big Pals will share in the responsibilities of mentoring their Little Pals. Little Pals will have the opportunity to not only build strong relationships with their older mentors but also have the chance to develop a relationship with a peer who shares a similar background. Pairings of two Big Pals to two Little Pals will be primarily based on the preference of the Little Pals and their family. For instance, families can choose what kind of Big Pal they prefer, in terms of ethnicity, language ability, and background. Families of Little Pals can also choose a peer whom they would like their child to be paired with. Otherwise pairings of Little Pals will be made by the DAO Service Chairs based on similarities in age, ethnicity, or schedule.


DAO Pals will hold events every other weekend to provide opportunities for the Pal groups to get to know each other better. Many activities featured at the event will be Asian themed, most will involve arts & crafts, but ALL are optional. We recognize that each participant's needs are unique, thus the activities are meant as a way but by no means the only way to facilitate interaction with each other.


We continue to welcome any and all donations. Your contributions will enable us to continue improving the program to put on bigger and better events.



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