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Approved AMES prerequisites

AMES list of courses that will fulfill the prerequisite for the India FSP:

  • AMES 40.5/WGSS 30.01 Transnational Muslim Feminisms (14F, 15X, 16F)
  • AMES 42.06/REL 19.06: Modern Hinduism: Colonial and Nationalist Contexts (14F, 15F)
  • AMES 42.08/REL 19.13/COLT 55.01: Divine Love: Desire, Sex, and Romance in Traditions of India (15S, 16F)
  • AMES 42.09/REL 40.05: God's Fools: Saints, Music, and Mysticism in South Asia (15S)
  • AMES 42.10/ARTH 17.1: Arts of South Asia (15F)
  • AMES 42.xx/REL 40.06: Food and Religion in South Asia: The Raw, the Cooked, and the Leftovers (16S)
  • ANTH 12.07 Ethnography of South Asia (14W)
  • ANTH 12.07: Imagining India: How to Write About South Asian Culture (14S)
  • ANTH 32/AMES 26: Anthropology of Tibet and the Himalayas (13S, 15S, 16W, 17W)
  • GOV 40: Politics of India (14W, 16S, 17S)
  • HIST 5.9: Colonialism, Nationalism, and Revolution in Southeast Asia (15S, 16F)
  • HIST 06: Gandhi and Twentieth Century India (15F)
  • HIST 75: Colonialism, Development, and the Environment in Africa & Asia (15F, 16F)
  • HIST 76: History of Modern South Asia (15S, 17W)
  • REL 07: Hindus & Muslims in India (First-Year Seminar, 16W)
  • REL 9/AMES 9: Hinduism (16S, 17W)
  • REL 18: Indian Buddhism (16S)
  • REL 40.01: Gods, Demons, and Monkeys: The Ramayana Epic of India (17S)
  • REL 40.04: Hindu Hierarchies: Caste in Theory and Practice (16F)
  • REL 42/WGSS 43.04: Goddesses of India (17W)

WGST list of courses that will fulfill the prerequisite for the India FSP:

  • WGSS 10: Sex, Gender, and Society (Summer, Fall, Winter Terms)
  • WGST 16: Contemporary Issues in Feminism (15S, 16S, 17S)
  • WGST 36.01/ANTH 31: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (16S, 17S)
  • WGSS 41.04/AMES 40.05 Transnational Muslim Feminisms (14F, 15X)
  • WGST 52.03/AMES 41.01 Feminism, Islam, and Modernity in Postcolonial and Global Contexts (15S, 16W)

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