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The AMES Program offers an interdisciplinary Foreign Study Program in Fez, Morocco. Classes are taught at the American Language Institute in Fez, with faculty and guest lecturers drawn from the two universities in Fez and elsewhere in Morocco, as well as the Dartmouth faculty director. The Fez program stresses opportunities to integrate homestays and visits to shrines, schools, markets, and workplaces with conventional classroom learning.

Prerequisite: Completion of at least one of the following courses with a grade of B or higher: ANTH 015 (with Middle Eastern Studies faculty and topics), ANTH 019, ANTH 027, ARAB 010, ARAB 061 or ARAB 063 (when the designated topic includes a focus on North Africa), GOVT 046, HIST 005.2, HIST 068, HIST 069, HIST 071, HIST 089, REL 008, or REL 016. Students also qualify if they have taken the full sequence of ARAB 001, ARAB 002, and ARAB 003.

For an application or further information, visit the Off Campus Programs Office, 44 North College Street, or go to the OCP web site.

The Dartmouth FSP in Fez, Morocco


AMES also offers, in partnership with the Women's and Gender Studies Program, an interdisciplinary Foreign Study Program in Hyderabad, India. Hyderabad is one of India's largest and most cosmopolitan cities, reflecting the intersection of North and South Indian cultures as well as both Hindu and Muslim influences. It is a center of many important academic institutions, of a dynamic economy increasingly based upon high-technology firms, and of an extensive Telegu film industry. It also possesses a rich tradition of political and social activism that is reflected in a wide range of social movements and non-governmental organizations.

Curriculum: The Program is based at the University of Hyderabad. Students take three academic courses: Course 1, taught by the Dartmouth faculty director and corresponding with his or her field of expertise; Course 2, "Gender and Film in Modern India," taught by a local professor, and Course 3, chosen from a few options in the University of Hyderabad curriculum, allowing Dartmouth students to be in the classroom with local students. Housing for this program is in an international student dormitory on the University of Hyderabad campus. All three courses on the FSP will qualify for credit toward the AMES major, and at least two will count for WGSS course credit. The faculty director's course may or may not qualify for WGSS course credit, depending on its content in a given year. Classroom work is supplemented by excursions and guest lectures.

Prerequisite: The minimum prerequisite is two courses, one taken from lists of courses approved by WGSS and the other from a list approved by AMES; some courses appear on both lists. Course schedules can change, so when in doubt, applicants should consult with the WGSS or AMES program offices and/or websites for an up-to-date list of approved courses. Other courses with substantial South Asia-related content may also qualify as prerequisites. Please contact the current Faculty Director to find out whether a particular course might qualify. Admitted students will need to complete a list of required readings that will prepare them for their stay in India and participate in a pre-program orientation specifically designed for this FSP.
Contact the AMES Chair for a current list of approved AMES prerequisites.

For an application or further information, visit the Off Campus Programs Office, 44 North College Street, or go to the OCP web site.


AMES sponsors a Foreign Exchange Program at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea, in the fall term. Students take content classes in English at Yonsei's Underwood International College and also have the opportunity to study Korean at the university's Korean Language Institute.

For an application or further information, visit the Off Campus Programs Office, 44 North College Street, or go to the OCP web site.

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