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Possible Substitutes for AMES 40

    AMELL 17: Discourse, Culture and Identity in Asia and the Middle East. Glinert.

    AMELL 18: Language and Society in Asia and the Middle East. Glinert.

    Anthropology 19: Islam: An Anthropological Approach. Eickelman.

    Anthropology 45: Asian Medical Systems. Craig.

    Art History 66: The Camera in Nineteenth-Century Asia. Hockley.

    Art History 67: Contemporary Arts of Asia. Hockley.

    Geography 17: Geopolitics and Third World Development. Sneddon.

    Geography 26: Women, Gender, and Development. Fluri.

    Geography 41: Gender, Space, and Islam. Fluri.

    Government 20: Development in the Emerging Economies. Vandewalle.

    Government 25: Problems of Political Development: India, South Africa, and China. Sa'adah.

    History 5.4: The Rise of Asia. Yeo.

    History 6: Introduction to Global History Methods. Crossley.

    History 75: Colonialism, Development, and the Environment in Asia and Africa. Haynes.

    History 95: The Mongols. Crossley.

    Jewish Studies 27.4/COLT 64: Writing at the Extreme: Jewish and Japanese Responses to Crisis and Catastrophe.

    Music 4: Global Sounds. Levin.

    Religion 16/AMES 15: Modern Islam. Reinhart.

    Sociology 22: The Sociology of International Development. Parsa.

    Sociology 23: Social Movements. Parsa.

    Sociology 25: Democracy and Democratization in Developing Countries. Parsa.

    Theater 24: Asian Performance Traditions. Chin.

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