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Ayubi, Z
Bauer, K
Benor, E
Ben Yehuda, N
Bu, Y
Casana, J
Chahboun, J
Chauchard, S
Chen, Z
Chin, W-P
Craig, S
Crossley, P.K
Dorsey, J
El-Ariss, T
Elias, C
Ericson, S.J
Fishere, E
Fox, C. A
Gibbs, L
Gillis, C
Glinert, L
Haynes, D.E.
Heschel, S
Horiuchi, Y
Hockley, A
Ishida, M
Kim, L.S
Levin, T
Li, A
Lind, J
MacEvitt, C
Miller, E
Morsi, E
Mowry, H-Y.L
Ohnuma, R
Ouajjani, M
Peterson, D
Rao, N
Raz, G
Reinhart, A.K
Ruoff, J
Sa'adah, A
Schmidt-Hori, S
Simon, A
Smolin, J
Sneddon, C. S
Stanford, J
Suh, S
Vandewalle, D
Washburn, D
Watanabe, I
Xie, M
Xing, W
Zhang, H

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies ( AMES) Faculty are all full-time members of departments in the divisions of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Course scheduling is a complex matter involving the priorities of the faculty's home departments and AMES. When certain courses become important in the planning of your degree program, you should double-check with the home departments of faculty members in order to confirm details of the course offerings. AMES makes every effort to keep current of changes in course scheduling, but we cannot control when courses are offered or when we are informed of changes.

Department/Program and Faculty list:

Department/Program FacultyContact
AMES Kenneth Bauer
e-mail: Kenneth.Bauer@Dartmouth.edu
Tarek El-Ariss
office: 204A Bartlett
e-mail: Tarek.El-Ariss@dartmouth.edu
Clare Morgana Gillis
office: 406 Carson
tel: (603) 646-
e-mail: Clare.M.Gillis@dartmouth.edu
Sung Lim Kim
(AMES and
Art History)
office: 303 Carpenter Hall
tel: (603) 646-2867
e-mail: Sung.L.Kim@dartmouth.edu
Nikhi Rao
office: 318 Wilson
e-mail: Nikhil.Rao@dartmouth.edu
Soyoung Suh
(AMES and
office: 404 Carson Hall
tel: (603) 646-2595
e-mail: Soyoung.Suh@dartmouth.edu
Dennis Washburn
(AMES, Comparative Literature, Film & Media Studies)
office: 101E Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-1287
e-mail: Dennis.Washburn@dartmouth.edu

AMELL Nurit Ben Yehuda
office: 315 Reed Hall
tel: (603) 646-3221
e-mail: Nurit.Ben-Yehuda@dartmouth.edu
Yanxin Bu
( )
office: 319 Wilson
e-mail: Yanxin.Bu@dartmouth.edu
Jamila Chahboun
office: 312 Reed Hall
tel: (603) 646-3393
e-mail: Jamila.Chahboun@dartmouth.edu
Zenghong Chen
office: 101A Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-9768
e-mail: Zenghong.Chen@dartmouth.edu
James Dorsey
office: 303 Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-1346
e-mail: James.Dorsey@dartmouth.edu
Ezzedine Fishere
office: 204 Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-2769
e-mail: Ezzedine.C.Fishere@dartmouth.edu
Levi Gibbs
office: 101B Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-2065
e-mail: Levi.S.Gibbs@dartmouth.edu
Lewis Glinert
office: 305 Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-8238
e-mail: Lewis.Glinert@dartmouth.edu
Mayumi Ishida
office: 301B Bartlett Hall
tel: 603) 646-1334
e-mail: Mayumi.Ishida@dartmouth.edu
Alan Li
office: 203 Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-1333
e-mail: Alan.Li@dartmouth.edu
Hua-yuan Li Mowry
office: 101F Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-2947
e-mail: Hua-yuan.L.Mowry@dartmouth.edu
Eman Morsi
office: 204B Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-2613
e-mail: Eman.S.Morsi@dartmouth.edu
Mostafa Ouajjani
office: 302 Reed Hall
tel: (603) 646-0264
e-mail: Mostafa.Ouajjani@dartmouth.edu
Sachi Schmidt-Hori
office: 301A Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-2868
e-mail: Sachi.Schmidt-Hori@dartmouth.edu
Andrew Simon
(Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Arabic)
office: 369 Haldeman Center
e-mail: Andrew.G.Simon@Dartmouth.edu
Jonathan Smolin
office: 201A Bartlett
tel: (603) 646-3975
e-mail: Jonathan.Smolin@dartmouth.edu
Ikuko Watanabe
office: 306 Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-2591
e-mail: Ikuko.Watanabe@dartmouth.edu
Miya Xie
( )
office: 302 Bartlett
e-mail: Miya.Xie@dartmouth.edu
Wen Xing
office: 101C Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-3607
e-mail: Wen.Xing@dartmouth.edu
Hesheng Zhang
office: 204A Bartlett Hall
tel: (603) 646-9768
e-mail: Hesheng.Zhang@dartmouth.edu

Anthropology Jesse Casanaoffice:
e-mail: Jesse.J.Casana@Dartmouth.edu
Sienna Craigoffice: 404 Silsby Hall
tel: (603) 646-9356
e-mail: Sienna.R.Craig@dartmouth.edu

Art History Allen Hockley
AMES Chair
office: 304A Carpenter Hall
tel: (603) 646-3429
e-mail: allen.hockley@dartmouth.edu
Chad Elias
(Tate Modern Research Fellow, 2015-2018)
office: 210A Carpenter Hall
tel: (603) 646-2307
e-mail: Chad.Elias@Dartmouth.edu

Film and Media Studies Jeffrey K. Ruoffoffice: 213 Wilson Hall
tel: (603) 646-1553
e-mail: Jeffrey.K.Ruoff@dartmouth.edu

Geography Coleen Foxoffice: 018 Fairchild Hall
tel: (603) 646-0440
e-mail: Coleen.A.Fox@dartmouth.edu
Christopher S. Sneddon
(and Environmental Studies)
office: 123 Fairchild Hall
tel: (603) 646-0451
e-mail: Christopher.S.Sneddon@dartmouth.edu

Government Simon Chauchardoffice: 202 Silsby Hall
tel: (603) 646-6537
e-mail: Simon.Chauchard@dartmouth.edu
Yusaku Horiuchi office: 204 Silsby Hall
tel: (603) 646-2828
e-mail: Yusaku.Horiuchi@dartmouth.edu
Jennifer Lind office: 219 Silsby Hall
tel: (603) 646-2282
e-mail: Jennifer.M.Lind@dartmouth.edu
Anne Sa'adah office: 301 Silsby Hall
tel: (603) 646-3112
e-mail: M.Anne.Saadah@dartmouth.edu
Dirk J. Vandewalle office: 232 Silsby Hall
tel: (603) 646-2357
e-mail: Diederik.Vandewalle@dartmouth.edu

History Pamela Crossleyoffice: 210 Carson Hall
tel: (603) 646-2589
e-mail: Pamela.Crossley@dartmouth.edu
Steven Ericsonoffice: 209 Carson Hall
tel: (603) 646-2996
e-mail: Steven.Ericson@dartmouth.edu
Douglas E. Haynesoffice: 403 Carson Hall
tel: (603) 646-2145
e-mail: Douglas.Haynes@dartmouth.edu
Edward Milleroffice: 200 Carson Hall
tel: (603) 646-2096
e-mail: Edward.Miller@dartmouth.edu

Linguistics and Cognitive Science David Petersonoffice: 301 Reed Hall
tel: (603) 646-4024
e-mail: David.Peterson@dartmouth.edu
James Stanfordoffice: 305 Reed Hall
tel: (603) 646-0099
e-mail: James.N.Stanford@dartmouth.edu

Music Theodore C. Levinoffice: 68A Hopkins Center
tel: (603) 646-1393
e-mail: Theodore.Levin@dartmouth.edu

Religion Zahra Ayubi office:
e-mail: zahra.ayubi@dartmouth.edu
Ehud Z. Benor office: 307 Thornton Hall
tel: (603) 646-1313
e-mail: Ehud.Benor@dartmouth.edu
Susannah Hescheloffice:
e-mail: susannah.heschel@dartmouth.edu
Christopher H. MacEvittoffice:
e-mail: christopher.h.macevitt@dartmouth.edu
Reiko Ohnumaoffice: 314 Thornton Hall
tel: (603) 646-2114
e-mail: Reiko.Ohnuma@dartmouth.edu
Gil Razoffice: 306 Thornton Hall
tel: (603) 646-9390
e-mail: Gil.Raz@dartmouth.edu
A. Kevin Reinhartoffice: 315 Thornton Hall
tel: (603) 646-3204
e-mail: a.kevin.reinhart@dartmouth.edu

Theater Woon-Ping Chin
(and AMES)

Administrator, Ann Fenton
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